Monday, 29 October 2012

Be Safe

Thinking of all my American friends who are facing Hurricane Sandy.  Praying each and everyone of you stays safe.

Those of you celebrating Halloween - have a great time

I do not have anything much to say as every day is pretty much the same except that I have been spending time om Google+ which I find quicker and easier than Blogger - and I dislike Facebook.

I have invited several of you to join me there but have had no response.  I notice my archived aol journal has completely disappeared and I do not know how to get it back.  Also I never get alerts now when any of you post and I would hate to lose touch with you. If any of you know how to sort this out please let me know.

God bless and stay safe



  1. Hello Jeannette, good to see a posting from you. Unfortunately, most of the old J-landers are on Facebook. I acknowledge your dislike of Facebook, but there are ways to avoid the worst excesses, such as incessant requests for games and what not. There are some who still post on blogs, but contact mainly goes through Facebook. I am a Google Plus user (as you know), but hardly use that service. I'll let people know you have posted.


  2. So good to hear from you. This terrible storm is effecting many of us. Even here inland as I am away from the coast, the rain and the wind is terrible and is predicted to be worse overnight for us. I am praying for all. I still blog but many of my old friends are no longer around. Just a few remain. So it was extra good to hear from you today.

  3. ive not posted in ages.just not felt like it.words get mixed up.hope you ok,miss,love mort xxxx

  4. Hi Jeannette, I post in my Blog from time to time using Google Chrome. Yes, Guido is right...we all seem to have navigated over to Facebook. We even have our own group page and a call for support page. It's really nice to be able to keep up with old friends on a daily basis. Linda here in Washington state.
    I sent you an email, to let you know I posted an entry the other day.

  5. i am in your circle of google friends....and proud of it.

  6. It is good to hear from you this morning....I have not done my blog for ages...before i went on holiday it was and i have been home 2 weeks now !! i am on facebook as well now although i resisted for a long long does take up a lot of time though !! not that i very often actually write but do read all our friends news and comment so feel part of the circle. Don't think i know about google +....anyway pleasekeep in touch and when i get round to updating my blog you will get news as usual xxx

  7. Hi honey!! I'm usually on fb because of family. I try to journal but my computer is so trashed and this padis a pain. I guess I should make the time! TC xo

  8. Well, here I am, honey, trying to be supportive. My Johnny died Friday, Oct. 27 so I won't be blogging as often for awhile, but hope to update a few of them. I'm glad you're posting. I don't like Facebook except, like Rose, so many family members are there. You take care. I'll be back.

  9. Hi,Jeannette. I came by over a week ago to this post, but couldn't get comments to load. I dressed as the wicked queen when she disguised herself as an old granny to give Snow White the poison apple for Halloween. The grown ups loved it. Think the kids didn't know what to think!


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