Friday, 9 November 2012


Remembering all those who have died in war and continue to die in war.  We must always honour our troops and wear our poppies with pride.

God rest them all.


  1. Our men and women in service of our countries do make us proud and I'll always remember and give thanks for them. Hope all is well with you there. Good to see your post.

  2. We will remember them.

    Good to see you posting, Jeannette. Keeping you in thoughts as always.


  3. Yes...we must never forget. Sending you hugs..hope you're doing well. Linda in Washington state

  4. being from the states, i haven't heard of wearing a poppy till this year. a friend in canada wears a poppy too. it doesn't matter what country someone is from or what country they are trying to preserve the freedom of, they fought valiantly, many giving heir lives, and should be honored. i tip my hat to you all.


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