Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Of This And That

The funeral went off very well if you can say such things about funerals. We were unable to have the gun carriage as the snow was too bad and that had to be cancelled at the last minute. However, the whole of the service was military or as military as it could be. The coffin was piped in by a wonderful piper to the lament "Flowers Of The Forest", Royal Artillery prayers were used, suitable hymns, I wrote the eulogy which was read by our family solicitor. A contingent of the Royal Artillery Association was there and the Standard bearer stood by the coffin the whole time. The minister did a nice speech about Geoffrey and his service to the country. When it was over, a buglar played "Sunset" and the standard was lowered as the coffin went through the curtains. Then the mourners left to the Royal Artillery Quick Step March. I think Geoff would have approved.

Since then it has been house clearance. God, what a job. Geoff and his wife never threw anything away even if it was broken, they kept every lottery ticket since the lottery started. There was jumpers with holes in them, old torn sheets, you name it, it was there. We hired a skip over the weekend and it has taken three full days just to clear the upstairs (not including furniture).

Becky and Dean have been wonderful with their help. I can only sort through papers as my knees have gone again. It could be that the injections have just worn off but my doctor says because my back and shoulders are bad as well, the shock of the sudden death and all it entails has triggered off my arthritis again.

I am due at the breast clinic next Monday, might have to use the wheelchair to get me there as walking down long corridors is involved. The worrying thing is my doctor also told me that several discs in my lower back are so bad that an operation is the only answer and they only do that as a last resort because of the risks involved. Please God I can carry on for a good while yet before it comes to that. The left knee is a different matter, I know that will have to be replaced but cannot have it done until all the work is finished both clearing, legal and selling the house.

I can only hope they give me injections into my knees again when I attend next Wednesday - yes two appointments in one week. Fresh injections should keep me going for a while longer.

I have also been ordering up a new headstone. Mum and Dad's was very worn and letters had fallen off but the main reason was there was no room for a new inscription and Geoff wanted to be buried with them. So that is all in hand. I never seem to get any time to relax, really relax both mentally and physically as my mind is buzzing with all that has to be done.

I need to get off here now as my back is hurting. Please send out prayers and good wishes for my healing and also for my two hospital visits next week. Hope I get the all clear on the first and injections on the second.


  1. Here's hoping you are doing well soon and all is back to 'normal' soon too. my thoughts & prayers are with you..

  2. My prayers are for you. I too have also lost a brother on the 11 of Dec. That leaves only me in our original family of four. His family had him cremated as to his wishes. So far no memorial service as of yet. They did speak of one but it hasn't happened.
    I pray that your two doc's visits go well and that he will heal your body.

  3. I know oh so well the work involved in clearing another's home. I hope it gets finished quickly for you. I also hope the injections help your knees. As you know I meditate a couple of times a day. maybe try this one,


    You can find yourself relaxing even on a stressful day. Take care

  4. Poor you Jeanette having all that to cope with when you are feeling so poorly yourself..I am glad that Becky has been on hand to help..Please take care dear but come back and let us know how things go at hospital. Hope they do do some more injectios as I know how good they are,
    Love for now Sybil

  5. Sorry to hear that you are going through such a rough time of it. Stress does seem to bring on or worsen our physical conditions. I will be praying that your hospital visits go well and that you are strengthened for the tasks ahead of you. I think of you often and pray for you too. Thankfully your Becky and her hubby have been able to help you out. We have to count those kind of blessings for sure. Lots of Love and Hugs!

  6. Dear Jeannette keeping you in my thoughts and prayers ~ that all goes well with your hospital appointments ~ Ally x

  7. Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers, for strength too!
    (((( hugs )))

  8. I commented earlier but it went of into the ether ,The funeral sounded like a wonderful tribute to your brothers life ,I would have been interested in your eulogy for him ,All the best for the hospital appointments ..love Jan xx

  9. It sounds like Geoff was given a very fine tribute. My right knee is bad so I feel your pain and I had major back surgery in 1992 so I know what a sore back feels like. Not fun...that's for sure. I'm not going to have my knee replaced until I can't walk on it anymore. Hopefully your appointments will go well and the injections will help ease the discomfort. Sending good thoughts your way. Linda in Washington state

  10. I forgot to mention that I love your header picture!

  11. Always special thoughts for you... I'm sure the cold weather is not helping with all the aches and pains too... hugs to you.... :)

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  13. Sorry, spelling mistake! Just saying Jeannette, I think you sound a lot more upbeat and chirpy than in your last post. This last month has done a lot for your agoraphobia.

  14. lovely send off for him jeannette.i also need that same op.but i will have to be a hell of a lot worse than i am before i consider it. i did ask my pain management consultant if,if it was him,he would have it done. is"not a snowballs chance in hell" a negative do you think??me too. i wish you all the best,take care,love mort xx

  15. Glad your brother had the send off he wanted, hope the house clearance is finished with soon, that's so difficult with all the memories attached.

    Sorry your knees are not much better and now your back, can't imagine how painful it all must be.

    Hope the grandkids are well

    Take care of yourself

    Love Yasmin

  16. Hi Jeannette, it's good to hear from you again. I've been involved in settling enough estates to know exactly what you're dealing with. Really makes you want to clean your own house, doesn't it? I hope your doctor appointments go well and you can get some pain relief. Linda in DC

  17. I'm glad the funeral went off well. Sorry you have such a lot of clearing out to do now, that's one of my aims to clear out all I don't want to make it easier for whoever has to clear my flat out after I'm gone. Good luck with the appointments Jeannette, I hope your knee will hold out while you're busy. xx

  18. What a lovely picture in the start of your blog .Hope you get on alright in your appointments ....love Jeanxx

  19. The funeral sounded like a nice tribute to your brother, I know how taxing on your health all this is..I came out of Joe's totally wiped out. I hope your pain has eased up a bit, I have back trouble too since the hospital thing never had trouble before. But I gained too much weight from the steroids and such..if I can lose some it will let the back ease up a bit. I need a magic pill...50 lbs..gone poof! it would be nice, wouldn't it? Thinking about you and sending prayers your way for healthy healing my friend....love Sandi

  20. Dear Jeanette
    My Deepest Condolences with the loss of your brother..it sounds like he was a man with big feet so not many people could have filled them1 I know you miss him... I am grateful that the funeral was so wonderful and that the bagpipes were there ..you must have felt his presence..maybe you feel it stillhuggggggggggggs!
    love you


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