Thursday, 16 December 2010

Looks Like A White Send Off

My brother's funeral will take place on Monday next, the 20th December but it looks as if Mother Nature is going to spoil our most carefully laid plans.

He is supposed to be carried to the chapel on a gun carriage, the coffin draped in the Union Jack with his beret and his medals on the top. We have planned a beautiful service, all military with appropriate music and readings. The minister was here last night and he is such a lovely man.

So, all was going very well until..........................we see the latest weather forecast. Icy conditions coming in from the Arctic and heavy snow over much of the country. This will totally put a stop to the gun carriage as it is manned by volunteers from the Royal Artillery Association of which my brother was a member. If the roads are icy it will be impossible. This has caused us even more distress. He will have been gone nearly a month and we still do not have a death certificate but papers have been signed to allow the funeral to go ahead.

It is going to be miserable weather for all the mourners and this Christmas is going to be the saddest since we lost our Mother at Christmas of 1981.

Please think of us all next Monday morning at 9.30 a.m.


  1. Everynow and then the weatherman doesn't get it quite right so I'm praying that this storm is delayed just a bit and your beloved brother can have the send off you want for him. Tis lovely to pay tribute to those we love. But remember when he lived you did do what you could for him and that is what is important. No matter the weather your love for your brother has been shown in your doing for him when he needed the help. It seems paperwork does drag things on and I'm glad to hear that at least now he can be laid to rest. I am keeping you in my prayers and hope that in some small ways this Christmas will be a happy one for you. Keep the good memories close to your heart and enjoy making new memories with those loved ones still here.
    Lots of Love and Hugs,

  2. thinking of you jeannette,best wishes,ty for card,love mort xx

  3. I pray the bad weather will hold off until after the service. God bless you during this difficult time and may your brother be laid to rest soon. you're in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings...

  4. It would be very disappointing, Jeannette, if the weather were to disrupt your plans. Let's hope it's not as bad as it presently seems. I wish you all strength at any rate.

  5. I am so sorry if the weather means that your well made plans for your brothers funeral may go not quite in the way planned..However maybe the weather will not be as bad as forecast.. I will be thinking of you all on Monday morning. Meanwhile I add this little poem that was sent to me the other day...perhaps it will help.
    love sybil xxx

    We won't have a Christmas this year you weep,
    For a loved one is gone, and our grief is too deep;
    It will be a long time before our hearts heal,
    And the spirit of Christmas again we can feel.

    But if you lose Christmas when troubles befall,
    You never have really had Christmas at all.
    For once you have had it, it cannot depart
    When you learn that true Christmas is Christ in your heart

  6. I do so hope your plans will still go ahead and the weather won't disrupt anything ~ Ally x

  7. I hope the weather will be kind to you on Monday Jeannette and that all goes as well as can be expected. Thinking of you.

    Love and Hugs

    Sandra xxx

  8. I'm so sorry that the weather is ruining the funeral you had planned. I know it is such a hard time for you.. Linda

  9. Praying the weather holds off at least long enough for the funeral plans to materialize. My sympathy to you and your family.

  10. Hope the weather won't spoil your brother's funeral. Try to be strong and pray for his soul. That's the most important. He's watching over you now. Bless you. Ciao. A.

  11. jeannette, i am so sorry this has been so difficult for you. my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours and may God bless you as you continue on this journey.


  12. I hope the weather wasn't too bad Jeannette, it's a sad enough time anyway without all your plans being ruined. Jeannette xx

  13. Thinking of you Jeanette and hoping that things went as well as possible on Monday..
    God Bless,
    Love Sybil xx

  14. ((((((( hugs )))))))) what else could I say.

    rache x

  15. Happy belated New Year!

    I sure hope the weather cooperated with the plans for your brother's funeral.


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