Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Something's Coming - Some Good, Some Not So Good

Well, here I am again updating you all. Firstly, I had the breast clinic on Monday. I am happy to say that the doctor who examined me could find no abnormalities. Of course, I will not know for sure until later in the year. In April I see my Oncologist, in June I have my mammogram, only then will I truly know but it is looking good.

Now for some more good news. Soon we are going to have another member of the family - no, do not go racing ahead. It is a puppy. Becky and Dean have paid a deposit on a chocolate Labrador pup. They have the pick of the five boys and will be getting him in two or three weeks. They went to see the pups again last weekend and here is a picture of them.

They are just adorable and I cannot wait to give him a cuddle. I know he will be one lucky dog living with Becky, Dean and the boys and he will bring them lots of joy.

Now for the not so good. I was at the knee clinic this morning. This time I saw the head honcho. He agreed to give me more injections BUT this is the last time. He said the damage to my knees is so severe, especially the left one, that the only answer is surgery. When the injections wear off I have to make an appointment to go back to
arrange it. The waiting list is about three to four months, I will be in hospital for several days and then have to attend every week for physiotherapy. When I have recovered from that, the right knee will need doing as well so that ties up this year and next, not to mention my back. I told you in a previous entry that my GP says that only an operation will cure that but I will put it off as long as I possible can or try to avoid it altogether. The truth is there is no space in my knee joints at all and the bones are constantly rubbing together.

When I had the injections last time I was sitting up and although it hurt a bit it was nothing like today where he made me lie on a table and put my legs out straight before he did them. I literally screamed. It felt like he was drilling through the bones!!!!

They gave me a booklet about knee replacements and I have been reading through. You usually come out on crutches. This poses a problem for me as I have arthritis in my neck and especially my left shoulder where I had the breast operation so putting my weight on crutches can only trigger that off.

Coming so soon after the death of my brother and with all the ongoing work with his house, the solicitors, then having to sell the place, this has hit me like a ton of bricks. I must admit to coming home and sobbing my heart out. I have already had five operations in my life and it looks like there is no end to it. Why is it that some people seem to get everything and others escape scot free with hardly any problems.

Now back to better news. I have a new photograph of the boys taken at their school. They are really growing up. I think it is a lovely photograph.

Lastly, here is one of Nathan in his Beaver's uniform. He loves going there. He took his promise last week and will now be working on his badges. Daniel will be joining when he is old enough. I am so very proud of them both.

Well, it is nearly lunchtime so I am going to get off here now and eat and then take a painkiller for my poor bruised and throbbing knees.

I am sure Becky will allow me to post a picture of the puppy when they get him but I hope to be back before then anyway.

I hope life is treating you kindly dear friends and readers. <>


  1. There's nothing to brighten up a day like the smiling faces of little boys. The picture on your header is a day-brightener, too. And believe me, with the weather we're having, I can use it.

  2. Good to see a post from you Jeanette..I know you are not looking forward to the surgery but it will improve the quality of your life in the long run..and congrats on the good news at the breast clinic..take care..x

  3. I was happy to hear your good news! Thank you too for sharing the pictures of your grandsons. The boys are growing up so much. I know that they are a joy to you as my grandchildren are to me too. Very few of us get through life with perfect health, but thankfully we now have options that never were available years ago. It will be a relief to have your knees done. It won't be an easy task or a pleasant one but in the end it will make such a difference for you. I'm wondering if you might be able to use a walker instead of crutches? My dad had one that you could even sit down on and scoot along on. I will be looking forward to seeing that new pup too. It will be exciting for them to have him.
    You remain in my thoughts and prayers and I'm sending Lots of Love and Hugs your way!

  4. So sorry that you are going to have to have knee surgery. I pray that when the time comes that you will come through it with flying colors.
    The boys look so cute with their bright smiles. Love those puppies.
    I hope those knees quit hurting and that the rest of your day goes well.

  5. You have been through so much lately, Jeannette. I have had a number of surgeries in my life, so I know how hard they are. You will remain in my prayers as always, honey. I loved the pictures of the boys and I am so happy they are getting a puppy! Labs are the sweetest dogs, too! Hang in there and take it a day at a time. Love you! Val xox

  6. Great photos of the boys! Wow, they've really shot up! So handsome...Great news about your breast clinic check up but sorry about your knees. Try to be positive. After the operation you will feel much better and your pains will surely decrease. I've lost count of my poor dad's operations, but he still goes on trusting his doctors and he is very brave. And that's how you are too. very brave. Keep your chin up. Hugs and bless. Ciao. Antonella

  7. Hi Jeannette. Love the pics of the boys and the puppy is going to be an exciting event. I think I would have to have a chocolate one. lol Hope you are feeling well. So sorry about your brother and the selling of the house. These types of things are so hard. I remember when we had to sell my Grandmother's house. It hit me harder than expected. I bawled while we went through and cleaned it the final time, knowing it was the end of the chapter, missing her, and not getting to be in that house again. It brings tears just remembering. Glad to see a post pop up from you on my side bar! Take care.

  8. Happy for your good news. the boys and puppies look absolutely adorable. here's hoping all the surgeries go easy and well. take care..

  9. Don't know if my comment has gone or not it seems to have disapeared !!

  10. As teh one above has now arrived I had better write another one LOL I am so gla dto read that all went well at the breats answer to prayers for sure.Also gla dthat you had the injection today that will give you a wee while pain free...I was telling Pam my friend about you and she says you have not to worry about your knee op. It is not to bad at all and as soon as you can bend it a certain degree you will be out of hospital. She speaks with real knowledge as she has had both her knees done and her two hips (her first hip when she was only 56..)
    now they are talking about doing her shoulder !! what she really needs she says is a new head !!!
    Keep smiling and think positive by this time next year all will be well.
    The boys are gorgeous, so grown up now..Can just imagine the fun they will have with the new puppy..
    Love Sybil xx

  11. Hi Jeannette,

    I`m so pleased that you had good news from the clinic, no doubt its a big relief. Sorry though that you have to undergo surgery for your knees, I can sympathise because one of mine is fast heading that way. :o(

    The boys are so grown up now and don`t they both look smart too. And those gorgeous little puppies..of course I`m biased but in my opinion theres no better family dog than a labrador. :o)

    Love and Hugs

    Sandra xxxx

    PS. Will answer your email in the next couple of days, tomorrow hopefully.

  12. See is you can get a platform walker when the time comes. You just lean on it which is better when you have shoulder and neck issues. Glad you got such good news, and a puppy, how fun.

  13. Dear Jeannette

    Hope you are having a better day!

    I did have 3 Cortisone injections, which offered relief for me, with a view to going on a waiting list for Knee replacement....I declined the Op,whilst I can manage, some days better than others.
    Having had 3 operations on my Throat in the last 7 months,now waiting for latest result 22nd Feb.
    Lovely photo of the children,growing so fast. Bet they are so excited about the new puppy.


  14. im sorry love. but knee replacement surgery is pretty good.neighbour had both done,my friend has had 1 done.she actually drove up to hospital when i had heart attack 3 years ago,only allowed to legally drive that a 2 seat sports car,lol.she had some pain,but it improved her mobility so much. good love mort xx

  15. Jeanette~I'm a new reader to your blog. I just have to say that I admire how you balance the negative and positive in your writing; I'd be willing to bet that you do that in your daily life too. Cheers! ;-)

  16. What a nice post despite some bad news in it. I love the header photo. England can be so green and beautiful. I do feel troubled about the state of your knees. Yes, you are in a rock and a hard place. People here jump in scooters and stay there to avoid surgery. They just act like they have been cut off at the knees. Don't they do that there if surgery seems like a too high risk? Everybody and their dog is in scooters in this HUD complex (government subsidized) This may break the country but people rarely have knee surgery if it is going to be too bad of an ordeal and they have other health issues. An expensive knee surgery that is high risk might be a worse alternative, but you have to be resigned to getting around by scooter.

  17. I need knee replacements too, so I know what you're going through. The puppies look cute. ENJOY the one that comes home!

  18. Well good news on one hand and the other no so good...but I know you will deal with as you have everything else that has been handed you. My Mom has the same with her knees but it too old for a replacement. So she struggles. I hope that this will help you dear, perhaps using a motorized chair is not that bad? I still have to use a walker when I know I will be walking alot because of my breathing..mine has a seat on it so you can sit and rest, maybe that would work for you. Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers for a good Sandi

  19. Hi Jeannette, lovely pictures of puppies. My goodness hav'nt the boys grown up. Sorry to hear you've got to have an op, i hoope all goes well for you...Best Wishes xx

  20. Just look at your beautiful boys ~ my how they have grown in young men and very handsome young men ~ good news from you is always good to hear hope everything goes well for you ~ Ally xx

  21. I feel as though I am watching the boys turn in to handsome young men through the years. They are changing so much with each picture you share. Best of luck with the knee...I'm sure once it is all over you will be glad you had it done.

  22. Dear Jeanette,
    hugs! woie! so happy to hear that you are having a new member of the family! :):) ( the puppy)... I will dream of the happy pup tonight! Secondly I am so sorry to learn of the upcoming knee surgery..can they put some padding between the bones?
    The lady who used to own our house had knee surgery..previous to that she could not walk but now she walks well!So there is that..
    so ok can you buy some supportive padding things that are sewn for women who have had breast cancer? I'm thinking that a very good seamstress could help and some how give you something soft to lean on...
    Finally Big Congratulations with your wonderful grand children!.


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