Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Dentist And Other Things

I faced my biggest fear this morning - the dentist. Sounds strange doesn't it. Been through and still on BC treatment, seeing the oncologist yearly, mammogram yearly, surgeon yearly, plus all that goes on with my diabetes. But my greatest horror is of the dentist. That is due to three awful experiences I have had, one as a small child, one as a teenager, and one only about nine years ago.

When I tell you that I was physically sick twice before I left the house, you can gauge the depth of my fear. However, two weeks ago I went to bed on a Saturday night as usual. I had cleaned my teeth as always, no problem. I got up at 5 a.m. to go to the toilet and my mouth felt funny. I could not make it out. I ran my tongue over my bottom teeth and felt something sharp, I thought I had something caught in them. I looked into the mirror and saw, to my horror, that half a bottom tooth had completely come away. I can only assume I swallowed it whilst alseep. It was split right down the middle and to gum level.

We contacted the dentist the next day, the one that Mike has been attending and thinks so highly of. So I decided to get on their books. We were both stunned to be told that their National Health funding had been reduced and although they could take me on, I would have to pay. How ridiculous that Mike is there on the NHS and this last lot of treatment is costing him nothing but I have to pay privately.

Anyway I made an appointment giving time for the pension to go through so today was the day. Mike had to come in the treatment room with me and hold my hand.

The dentist was very kind and understanding. I was prepared for lots of blood and gore. However, Eric, the dentist told me he could save the tooth for me, completely rebuild it. It would take a bit of extra time but if I would rather have that than a gap he would do it. I opted for that.

My mouth is still somewhat numb but my tooth is rebuilt and gleaming white. He said, all in all for a woman of my age my teeth are pretty good. I do have one tooth that is very discoloured due to an amalgam filling that I am very conscious of. He said when I feel up to it, he can remove that filling for me and replace it with a white one. It will not be totally the same but look much better than it does.

Anyway, I am so glad it is behind me and I did not have another horrific experience. The only bugbear being that we had to pay £145 to have it done.

It seems so long since I have done my journal but many of you know about my brother and the problems we have had there. Well, things have got even worse now.

Mike had that awful virus. He had to have antibiotics as his chest got infected. However, he is still left with an awful cough and feeling very under the weather, so last Wednesday he saw the doctor again. Another thorough medical. The doctor asked eventually if he was under any strain or whether something was getting him down. Mike told him about being at my brother's beck and call every day, the endless phone calls etc. The doctor said it had to stop, that Mike was not his carer and must put his foot down. If he did not, then his own health was going to deteriorate rapidly. After all Mike is only four years younger than my brother. So on medical advice, Mike knew it had to be nipped in the bud.

That night Mike bit the bullet and told my brother. There was an awful scene. It ended up with Mike throwing my brother' s house keys on the floor and telling him that was the end of it. My brother called him back, asked Mike to pick the keys up and keep them, to shake his hand and said they were not to part anything other than friends. So Mike did and that was that. It put an immediate end to the constant phone calls we were receiving.

However, I have faced a torrent of rage over Mike from my brother and other people have also been told that Mike was abusive, attacked him, used foul language, that Mike is not right in the head etc. etc. So we are having nothing to do with him at this time. He has upset so many people, driven so many away but he made the choice, he has made his bed and must lie in it.

Mike has to go back to the eye clinic when an appointment comes through as he is having trouble with the first eye they operated on. Also, clearing the wax from his ears did not help. He obviously has a hearing problem so is due at the hearing clinic next week. Probably means an aid but they are so small these days. He is not worried.

So, my poor journal has been neglected and I must also apologise that I have been neglecting you all as well and not commenting on your journals as I used to.

I hope things will all be back to normal in the near future.

At least the clocks change this month and the evenings will be lighter and hopefully we shall see some buds on the trees soon. It has been a long hard winter and it will be nice to see flowers and sunshine.

Have a good week, dear friends and readers.


  1. Glad you were able to get that tooth fixed and that your experience was a good one. That does help. I hope your problems are over now with your brother. I'm glad the doctor put a halt to it all for Mike. He'd done more than he should have to begin with. I know he did it for your sake as it was your brother. It's good to help others but you cannot help them until you help yourself first. Take good care and yes, soon Spring will be here!

  2. I am glad that you got that tooth fixed. Mike is doing the right thing listening to the doctor. To help is one thing but the abuse on top of that is just not right. He should be glad of all the help he can get and not be so demanding.
    I posted some spring flowers last week and today it is snowing big fat flakes. It is beginning to stick to the rooftops and grass. Not supposed to be much though.
    Hugs, Helen

  3. Glad to hear that your experience at the dentist was a positive one, costly but positive! My dentist has just gone private too and, because there were no NHS places available in our area, we had no choice but to stay on his panel and pay up! I am glad that Mike bit the bullet and had a word with your brother........sad that he is spreading false stories though, but you have no control over that. At least Mike has his life back. Take care, both of you. Eileen x

  4. Hi Jeannette, I'd do anything rather than to go to the dentist's! And my dentist is really very nice and patient. I'm due on Thursday and I'm already freeting about him finding something wrong! So sorry about Mike! That's the gratitude after all he's done. Hope you'll manage to put this behind you and concentrate on yourselves. It's not serfishness, but survival! Hugs. Ciao. A.

  5. Jeannette,
    I'm very pleased that your dental treatment turned out so much better than you feared. I'm sorry you have had to endure the aggro from your brother, but I hope the situation will remain manageable for you both. You can well do without all the upset.


  6. I, too, used to fear the dentist. I would be physically sick for a few days before I went. Until I found my most recent dentist. He is so kind and gentle and has a way with anxious patients. I so understand. I am proud of Mike for taking a stand to your brother. Give him a hug for me. Yes, I am waiting for Spring. This wasn't the best winter, was it? You take care and know you remain in my prayers. Love, Val xox

  7. about time mike put his foot down jeannette.sad but necessary.glad you got tooth done,i had all mine out when i was 18 lol.case of had to.we all need cheering up,lets hope spring is a good one,take care,love mort xxx

  8. I hope that the feeling has returned following the injection you had to have. I hate that numb, my lip feels like a million times it's normal size feeling! Well done on facing your fear and making it through the appointment. Love B x

  9. Hi Jeaneete, so glad you are back with us again..miss you when you are away for so long. I can wholeheartedly sympathise with you regarding .dentists it is my horror as well. In fact I havn't seen one for well over 20 years...I am petrified...people laugh when I say I would rather have my other leg chopped of...by aint joking !!
    also can see the trouble with your brother I am only glad that Mike has made an end to it, it is so difficult..Bless you both
    Love Sybil xx

  10. Iam so proud of you going to the dentist ,very well done what a horrible ordeal ,but pleased the dentist was able to help you ,so sorry Mike has had all his health problems as well as the stuff from your brother ,oh dear ,it never rains .... take care both of you love Jan xx PS; Dont faint, I have posted twice recently.

  11. I too have had horrific experiences with dentists in the past. Fortunately they are being trained differently in the last 20 years, so most deal with their patients in a more humane manner. I'm sure your poor brother is still in the grieving process, but it's good that Mike has put his foot down before things got carried away even more. Sending prayers and good thoughts for Mike's complete recovery from his cold. Hugs to both of you, Linda in Washington state

  12. I am glad you survived your dental appointment and he sorted out the problem for you ~ and I hope the problem with your brother is now resolved ~ Mike has to look after his own health so I am glad he took his Doctors advise and faced him ~ and yes I am so looking forward to light nights and Spring and maybe some lovely Warm Sunshine ~ Ally x

  13. Your poor thing Jeannette, I hate the dentist myself but for you it would be tenfold. I`m really pleased for you making it there knowing how hard it was for you. I can`t believe you had to pay so much to get the work done, dentists are so expensive nowadays. I`m glad Mike put his foot down with your brother, it was getting too much for him to deal with. I think its dreadful Mike is being slandered in that way, having met him just the once it was enough for me to know that he is a very nice, decent man who could never behave like that.

  14. I'm afraid of the dentist too! You're not alone! I'm glad the appt went well for you. Have a good week.

  15. I don't like dental visits either---always been that way, but I find if I go more often, I'm less afraid. My dentist is a woman, who has very small hands--this really makes a difference. I'm glad you got your tooth fixed! Julie

  16. jeannette, i have been remiss in keeping up with journals as well. i, too, have been ill and went on vacation and got engaged lol. so i have been really busy.

    i am glad the dentist wasn't so bad. i actually enjoy going to the dentist. i never have any pain after the work is done. they always give me a prescription for pain killers, but i never get them filled.

    i hope all goes well with mike's eye visit. and i agree, the ear pieces are so small now and so advanced, no one seems to mind them.

    have a blessed weekend coming up.

    hugs and well wishes,


  17. Hi Glad your dentist app went well and he sorted and saved your tooth.I need new dentures and like you its private so dread to think how much they will cost .Glad Mike has told your brother what he thinks ,he needs to think of you and him and your own family first ..love Jeanxx

  18. Jeanette,
    Wow its been along time since Ive been on blogs.Got to say Faccebook is sucking us all in. I do miss the blogs. We are living in a I need to know this minute life. Glad your tooth is better. And Im praying for your Husband health. I did have to move out of my parents home. 27 truck loads. My poor empty house.Im renting a place now.They say after escrow I will get it back,This is going on 2 years now. And alot of money.I'll keep you posted
    Take care


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