Thursday, 26 February 2009

Problems, Nothing But Problems

Since last October there seems to have been nothing but problems. First we lost J-Land and were forced onto Blogger. Then a site I had belonged to for quite a few years suddenly shut down and I lost contact with a lot of friends.

In December I had bad blood sugar readings and I was put on an extra medication. I am due to testing again at the end of March. Then, Christmas was one of the most miserable I had ever known.

Surely the new year must be better. No, I have been having endless computer problems, no sooner one thing sorted out than something else arises.

Ten days ago, I went down with an awful bug. I caught it from Becky and it was three weeks before hers cleared up. So, I still have it and feel very under the weather. A couple of days ago I got a phone call from the surgery. It was my lovely nurse, Kim. She has been there seventeen years and has been my nurse for all that time, both for high blood pressure and for diabetes. She told me she is leaving. This hit me very hard and we both ended up in tears. She is the only one that truly understands me, my phobia about all things medical, there is nothing I could not talk to her about.

Now I will be under the other nurse. I only saw her once and she was extremely rude to me. So now my fears on the medical front have increased even more.

Last night the lovely Dean spent four hours trying to sort the computer out. To no avail. My aol software simply will not work anymore. It has been re-loaded, the router checked etc. My computer simply will not have it. It is also very slow to boot up and the processor is working flat out all the time which it should not be.

So, we have two choices, stripping everything off the computer and putting it back to how it left the factory in the hope that it works or purchase another computer. I think it will be the latter.

I am managing to write this through internet explorer. Now I shall be taking things off the computer, saving everything to the external hard drive and in a few weeks purchasing another computer.

Can I ask you all not to forward me anything in the meantime please. I can open ordinary e-mails through I.E. but would prefer if it was just kept to that.

So, last year ended on a sour note and, so far, this year is not much better. I keep telling myself things just have to improve but no signs of that right now. I hope I can shake off this bug and it will not result in my having to get anti-biotics which are not good for blood sugars.

I do not think I have ever felt so down. I ask for prayers from those of you that believe. The phone call from Kim was just about the last straw. She says it is not the place it was, she is no longer happy there and cannot take it any more. That surgery is certainly going downhill which is the last thing that I need.

So I need to get better. I need to start exercising again, I need to get this damned computer problem sorted out.

I will be back when all that is done. In the meantime I send you my love and best wishes, dear friends and readers.


  1. So sorry to hear ,you are to lose your nurse who has become your friend ,and supporter ,it will take a while to build up that sort of raport with the new one especially as she was rude to you ,I dont know what to advise .I do hope you can get back on line proerly soon one way or another as it is such a life line to you .feel better soon,that bug does leave you feeling very tired and down for a while ,I was just getting over it when I hurt my back ,Love and Prayers ...Jan xx

  2. Wow, you have been having a bad time. I sure hope things look up for you soon.. You deserve it. Linda




  4. You have my prayers for sure. I'm always praying for my dear friends and family. Give your burdens over to the Lord. When things are to the point we cannot cope, there He is always ready to give some comfort. I hope all goes well with a new computer and getting things all set up. I do know the frustration of that for sure. I wish they would last forever, but that is not possible. I've lost many things over the years that I didn't back up so you are so wise to do so. I hope you do feel better soon. I encourage you to hang in there and please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. 'On Ya'-ma

  5. So sorry things are not going well for you Jeannette. Sending up prayers that you feel better soon and can get the computer to running right and not have to get another one. Ken's was acting up last week and he downloaded Windows Defender which took off a lot of spyware that his anti virus thingy missed. Hugs, Helen

  6. I am so sorry about your nurse leaving. I know that will make future visits stressful for you. Please do go though. Things will get better. Soon you will have a new computer that will just fly through all these issues the old one is having. Hugs and prayers for you.

  7. Aww, I am so sorry you are going through so much.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers daily.

    I know a lot about phobia from my own experience - dr's and other types - so I really feel for you.

    Hugs and love,


  8. So sorry you're having bad times. I'll keep you in my prayers and hope you feel better soon. maybe you can find a better nurse just like Kim. take care~kbear

  9. sorry it's not starting off to be a great 09, but it'll get better! think positive!
    glad they did the yd digging during a dormant stage. hope the tree will be ok, it should. if not, at least they'll pay the replacemnent price.
    as for the computer, since i got my new hard drive a couple mos ago, i've not had aol software. opted to not put it on. i use ie, free aol mail, & have aol as my home pg.
    huggies till you post again...

  10. I hope it can all get sorted out with your computer. Also, sad that the nurse spoke to you like that...changes need to be made and that person needed to be repremanded. Hope you havw a lovely day...many hugs and love,

  11. I do hope things improve for you soon Jeannette.Prayers being said for you.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  12. I had a lot of trouble with aol software, so I did not download it again after I got broadband but just used the free e-mail form of it. AOL is my homepage, but I transferred all my addresses to my gmail (blogger) and just in time, as suddenly the address feature stopped on aol. I do think depression is the result of changes that are upsetting, but the effects eventually wear off, and you are forgetting what enjoyment you have given so many readers of your journal and now blog. I enjoy your entries about your grandkids, dogs, country side, husband, children, so much as you are a good writer. I just have to look at the photo of you and your husband to be cheered up as I think you have a good relationship that gives hope to all that can be achieved. Take as much time as you need to sort things out and it is good to hear from you. Gerry

  13. Jeanette sorry you are having all these things hit you in a row, understand as we all seem to be having up and downs going on also. Just hang in there dear, keep strong. Take care and try not to worry.

  14. So sorry about your nurse leaving, dear Jeannette! Can't you ask to see another one if that one is so rude? Or maybe she was just in a bad mood that day? I hope your bug is clearing off soon. There are a lot of illness and sickness around at the moment. Especially among children (and parents and grandparents!!!). Sorry you're having problems with the computer as well! If you look on the website, Dell Outlet, there are sometimes good deals on computers and laptops. I wish you all the best and will keep you in my prayers. Ciao. Antonella

  15. My dear Jeannette,

    I didn`t realise things have been so bad for you after all your problems at the end of last year, I had hoped that things would be looking up for you now. What a shame the nurse who understood you and whom you trusted is leaving the practice, hopefully the other one will be better next time you see her. I`m sorry to hear about the computer problems, I know your computer is so important to you and its the last thing you need. I see Antonella recommended Dell and so do I. We bought this one from them and we had a very good deal price wise and are very happy with it all round.Take care and I`ll say a prayer for you.

    Love and Hugs

    Sandra xxxx

  16. My dear Jeanette, What a time you are having. My heart goes out to you. As you know I never did get back into journal writing after AOL kicked us all out but I have enjoyed looking in on the friends that I managed to keep hold of. The news from you has always been a highlight especially when you are able to keep us up to date with the gorgeous boys.
    I am keeping you in my prayres and hoping that it will not be long before you are back with us again and feeling much stronger.
    I have had the bug as well and only yesterday did I seem to feel better that is since it will go eventually. The only prob. I have now is the somehow I seem to have developed very high blood never ends !!
    Take care dear friend,
    Much Love Sybil xxx

  17. Sorry you have lost your nurse I know she is important with you and it takes time to build a new rapport with someone who doesn't know you. AOL pfft, I thought yu were thinking of moving over to Tiscali so much better. sorry you have not bee well and wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Take care


  18. It seems like when it rains it pours. A new computer sounds good! Dont put AOL on your new one. Try Firefox! Much better than IE

  19. Sorry to hear you have been unwell hope you are better soon, will keep you in my prayers. I too have been having problems with my laptop and I had to get my neighbour who is a whizz on pc's to fix it I now use Firefox instead of IE it seems much better and no pop ups. If you read my last entry you will see what kind of a week I have had. Keep you pecker up love Joan.

  20. Jeannette,
    I'm very sorry to note that 2009 has not brought any improvements. It is distressing to have to change nurse, particularly when you don't really get on with the new one. I hope the PC issue can be resolved without too much expense.

  21. sorry jeannette.hope things get better soon,love mort xxx

  22. I am so sorry that things are so bad for you now but when you are really down the only way is up and I hope that is where you will soon be. In the meantime I will say a prayer for you and yours in the certain knowledge that it will be of help. Eileen x

  23. I'm sorry things have been going downhill for you since Christmas. I imagine losing your favorite nurse it quite heartbreaking, I wish you the best with the new one. Perhaps it will turn out better than you think. My hard drive crashed a few weeks ago so I share your frustration with computer glitches. I hope everything starts to improve for you - perhaps spring weather will help a little anyway.

  24. I'm so sorry Jeannette, its so hard to lose people that are part of your world; whether it be family or friends. Do you think she can still keep in touch with you? I have a rather new laptop hubby bought for me so I wouldnt have to sit up, but could relax & go on it, alas, nothing but problems with the new Vista, its maddening. Your in my thoughts and prayers to get through this hard time

  25. Dear Jeannette
    Sorry you have a dreaded bug ,hope you soon feel more like your old self ,sorry also to know your favorite nurse is leaving ,hope the other one is kinder when you have to see her.My lap top Pete bought me for Christmas is a Dell and like you its vista and so different to XP. My thought and prayers are with you Jeannette and hugs Jeanxx


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