Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Taken on my birthday yesterday  Had a lovely day with the family including chocolate Labrador that belongs to our daughter and is called Charlie. I had some lovely presents, the puppy being the main one and lots of messages on Facebook.  The boys met pup for the first time and adored him. Hard to believe another decade came to an end and I am starting on a new one and, I hope, a healthy one.




  1. The photos are all so good. I'm glad all the pups get on together so well. Your little birthday present does seem to especially like Jack. My how your grandsons have grown. It's been awhile since I saw a picture of them and so was surprising to see what nice young boys they are turning into. I know that my own grandchildren are growing in leaps and bounds. Time passes so quickly. Best wishes good health and happiness as you start another decade.

  2. happy belated birthday, Jeannette!

    very cute pressie :)

  3. Happy belated birthday.


  4. Happy Belated Birthday... Moss is such a cutie and seems very attached to Jack... How the boys have grown and so handsome... Have a Blessed Monday! :)

  5. Happy Belated Birthday!
    love and hugs Natalie


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