Wednesday, 11 September 2013

9/11 Memorial Video

I MADE THIS VIDEO a few years back but the world has not improved and ir remains just as important today. We must never forget the victims or their families and we must continue to strive for peace.


  1. Yes we must never forget just how much peace in our world means...Your video is just as important today as it was them. Peace be with you today and always!

  2. I watched this very moving video on your face book page ,and again on here ,I shed tears each time ,thankyou Jeannette ,we must never forget that time Jan xx

  3. Very touching video. Thanks, Jeannette. Ciao. A.xx

  4. I saw after the first plane hit on tv
    I thought I was watching a movie
    they wondered if it was an accident
    until the second one hit
    two of my family members visited NYC April 2001
    they went to the top of one of the towers
    I'm grateful it didn't happen then
    we won't have peace
    until the second coming of Christ
    I subscribed to your you tube channel
    I'll check out your other videos in future

  5. Thanks for posting this ! It means a lot!

  6. Thinking of you today. Rest in peace, Jeannette


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