Monday, 12 March 2012

Been A Long Time

I cannot believe that it is six months since I posted an entry. Six months I would not like to go through again.

With my late brother's estate, endless dealing with solicitors who were not in the least helpful, in fact, at one time we thought we would have to take them to the complaints bureau. I think my body had enough. My hands started swelling up so I could hardly use them, my appetite went, you name it, I went through it.

Thankfully, all is finished now. My brother's house is now home to other people, we have no more dealings with the solicitors (we hope). Now I face a new load of challenges. My back has been so awful that I was sent to the spinal assessment unit. The lowest three discs in my back are worn away so sitting up means my joints grind together. They are thinking of surgery but have decided that because a great deal of pysiotherapy is required after spinal surgery, I ought to get my knees sorted out first. So, towards the end of next week I have to attend the knee clinic to arrange for surgery on the first knee.

Hospitals and operations terrify me and so does being away from home and all that is familiar but I do not have a choice really. I am weighing up whether to ask to have the operation done privately, for our American friends that means pay for it. I do not know the cost but it would save months on a waiting list. I am very grateful to my brother that he left his money to me. However, we have other uses for that and I would have to find out first how much surgery would cost.

The other things are a new car. The one we have is too low for us now to get into and out of both for Mike and myself. Also we have spent quite a lot of money having our bathroom re-done. I was not able to get into the bath or the shower which was above the bath. So we decided to get a walk in bath with a seat in it. That meant all the tiles had to come off the walls. They were all found to be crooked so a lot of plastering was needed and the floor also had to be levelled plus new pipe work being installed. It took a month but at least I can keep myself clean properly now instead of just washing down with a flannel.

I hope this is all coming out. For some reason I cannot change the colour or the font. Maybe things have changed on blogger since I have been away.

Our grandsons continue to do well. Little Daniel is going to be a published author!!! There was a competition run in all the junior schools in the country to write a story and out of thousands Daniel's was one of those picked and he is still only six bless him.

So I hope to be able to write more soon, it all depends on when my surgery is and what happens afterwards. I know I will have to go about three times a week for pysiotherapy but how it will affect computing I do not know.

Oh, the picture at the top is the church in Bermuda where my great-grandfather was married in 1859. I was lucky to be able to track it down.

Well, I have had enough for now and need to lie down. Mike is well and the animals are doing fine. I have thought of you all so often.

Please send out your thoughts for me that I will have the courage to go through all I face. Two knee operations and possibly a spinal one are no fun for anyone but particularly hard at my age but I do not want to end in a wheelchair.

So, I will say God bless you all for now and I will be back when I can. Take care each and every one of you.


  1. Oh my it is so good to hear from you! I've had you in my prayers and thoughts so many times. I know you dread having surgery but if in the long run it is going to help you then that is best. I will continue praying for you that all goes well. I hope you are able to keep in touch and let us know how things are progressing there. Sending Lots of Love and Hugs your way!

  2. Hello Stranger I' haven't blogged for about 2 I'm way behind.

    Glad all your legal troubles are over it's awful isn't it and just takes o long to sort through everything.

    Sorry to hear yet more surgery is on the cards but if it can keep you mobile it's all to the good.

    Great news about Daniel they are really growing up fast aren't they.

    Take Care

  3. How wonderful to see you again..It certainly is a hard thing to do getting an estate sorted out. My dear niece has had it all, for first when her Dad died as her Mum my dearest sister was too ill to do anything than only 6 months later for her Mum and that is still on going sinse last JUNE when the house went on sale and still no buyers they have now reduced price by £40,000 so fingers crossed...And now you have the thought of the ops..poor you. However knee repacemnets are so great it is worth it Pam my best friend has had both hers done..she was only in hosp. if I remember rightly 5 days only unil she could bend the knee 85% As she says it is painful but you just have to work through it or if you don;t it never gets really better. She has told so many people, it is only normal to stop when you have pain but she says you must keep going worth it in the hope that you don't have to wait tooo long. te NHS waiting list here I think is 3 months at the moment...(she just had a shoulder done but not so succeful I'm afraid) so she has two three as she has had one done twice ! and her two knees !!!!
    I am ok my wee dog died 2nd Dec and I am still grieving for him as well as my dear sister it will be 1 year on 1st april..
    Great that the boys are doing well. do hope you can come on again soon and keep us up to date I have missed you.
    Love Sybil xxx

  4. Sending prayers that you will feel better soon Jeannette. Glad that you now have your brothers estate settled.
    I have had a time of it also. I had back surgery again in January this year. It was rough but I feel some better now. Now I am sick with a sinus/ allergy infection. As we get older seems like we just start falling apart. Glad that Daniel is doing so well in school.

  5. Good to see a post from you, Jeannette. I am sorry to hear all the trials and tribulations you have been through in recent times, and I sincerely hope things will get easier for you both.

  6. Hi dear Jeannette!! I was thinking of you just yesterday =). You certainly will remain in my prayers as you face your future surgeries. I have had many myself, so I know what you are facing, but hospitals and doctors don't give me as much anxiety as they do you. I can't imagine that part of it. It is so good to hear from you!! How wonderful that Daniel is a published writer!! How proud you all must be! I remember when he was born! Hug the boys and animals and say hi to Mike for me. Love you, honey!! xxo

  7. Hey good to hear from you ,like you, I havent posted either ,since September in fact .So pleased your brothers affairs are finally sorted out ,so stressful for you ,I hope you have a satisfactory outcome to all the planned ops .Take good care of your self ,Love to Mike,think of you often Jan xx

  8. hi friend had her knee done,great success.neighbour had both hers done,1 on NHS,other private,think 8000 was price.has made huge diff to her.your discs are the same as mine,i cant have fusion,as ive had heart attack,and am on blood thinnners.lot of pain so i do sympathise. your take care,love mort xxx

  9. Hi Jeannette, good to hear from you. You really have been through the mill health wise haven`t you. My aunt had her first knee done when she was 84 and it changed her life so I`m sure it will greatly help you too. Well done to Daniel, perhaps he`s destined for greater things.:o)
    Take care.xx

  10. Hello, Jeannette. You've been through a lot and still have a lot on your plate, huge stuff to go through. Surgeries are no fun, so I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I do know though, hon, that you can get through this. I know many people who have had knee surgery and they all turned out well. Our son has to have it down the way too.
    I love the photo at top of your blog. It is so beautiful that I went back after entering my comment to look at it again.
    You take care now, okay? Love you much.

  11. ((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))Its been a long time since I been Blogging myself,since my Dad passed away last year,alot of changes for myself and my Mom,but,were doing good,Shes got alot of health issues.I am sorry you are going through so much with ur health.I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.I cant get into my BLog right now,dont know whats going on with that,I think other people can get in,but,I cant,may make a new one.It is nice ot hear from you.

  12. it is so good to hear from you again. and as always, i love the blog's picture at the very top. sorry to hear you are possibly going through more surgery. and God will get you through it all, and will direct your path in the decisions you will have to make. take care of you, and keep us all posted on your surgeries, and daily you, jeannette. hugs.

  13. Hi Jeanne! I've so missed your posts. Sending prayers that you can be pain free! Congratulations to your grandson. Have you considered going on Face book? We have a wonderful group there, Mort could tell you all about it.
    Take care, Maire

  14. Dear, with all you have going on, know it will be a few tough months health wise, but you're one strong lady and you'll get through it. Use my personal motto, might be of help "I'll survive, as no one or nothing will get down". You'll be in my thoughts and prayers and I'll look forward to hearing on-line when you can. Take care.

  15. It was so good to hear from you. I kept checking periodically and was getting very worried. I do hope you can get your series of surgeries started soon, and that the end result is worth it. Linda in DC

  16. Hi Jeannette, I've often thought of you too! Sorry for your health problems. I really hope your operation will be soon and sort out some of you pains. A huge prayer is going out for you. Congratulations to Daniel. He must have written a fantastic story!!! Keep strong and carry on. All the best. Ciao. A.xx

  17. Well, I'm finally back at bloggoing. Been wondering where you were, and now I know. Know you will be in my prayers. ~ Barbara

  18. Hi Jeannette ,
    Nice to see an entry from you ,but sorry you have more health problems .
    I wondered how you were getting on .
    Well done to your grandson Daniel .
    Take care
    Love and hugs

  19. Oh, how exciting! Daniel is the smart and talented little one, now isn't he? :)

  20. Dear (((Jeanette))) it has been too long between communications...I am so happy that you wrote again and let us know what is happening with you. Sorry that everything with your brother's estate was such a hassle, that happens over here too. Please let us know how everything is going on the op for your knees...I know all of us are sending good thoughts and lot's of prayers your Sandi

  21. Hi, Jeannette, good to hear from you again. Sounds like you and your husband continue to struggle to do what you need to do to survive. Enjoyed hearing about the grandchildren, too. Best of luck to you in the days ahead.


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