Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Gloomy Wednesday


What a miserable day. Very chilly and so dark I have had to have the lights on since I got up. It started drizzling a short time ago.

Mike has been for his check-up at the eye clinic. He has new drops to put in for the next three weeks. Other than that, unless he develops any problems which I am sure he will not, he does not have to see them again. I know all this because he just phoned and told me.

Before he left the hospital, he went up to my brother's ward and asked if he could see him. Visiting is not usually allowed in the mornings but as he had his papers from the eye clinic with him, they granted him fifteen minutes.

My brother has now responded to the new drugs and to the oxygen and he is no longer gasping for breath. However, we know his condition is not curable, only treatable. So, good news in one way but more worrying news in another. My brother has been yellow for some weeks, his colour I mean. I could not understand why his normal doctor did nothing about it. However, the hospital doctors told him this morning that they are extremely concerned about his liver (I suspected liver trouble all along) and they are going to start a lot of tests on him. Mike and I both feel we know the outcome of this one although we could be wrong and it could be hepatitis.

He was very pleased to see Mike of course. My brother's step-daughter has come up from Wiltshire and will be visiting him this afternoon and also visiting her mother. We have no contact with her. We were very close at one time but when she moved to the West Country, she dropped us completely. It must be twelve years since we have spoken, maybe more. Anyway, he will have a visitor and that is the main thing.

So, at the moment, it is just a waiting game all around. Of course, I shall keep you updated. It is so heart-warming to know what caring people you all are. You support is a great strength and comfort to me and Mike appreciates it greatly as well.

Well, Mike will be home in a minute so I had better put the kettle on. I know he will be longing for a nice hot cup of tea.

Until the next time, dear friends and readers.


  1. So pleased Mikes eyes are getting better that is good news marred somewhat by the worry of your brother ,stay strong Jeannette ,and now go and make that man a cuppa lol Jan xx

  2. Such good news for Mike and what a relief as eyes are so precious. It will take the shine off your good news knowing that your brother and his wife are so desperately ill, but nevertheless it really is good for Mike and you all. Even though you are preparing for the worst, it will still hit you hard but thankfully you have each other and a loving family to help you through. Look after yourself Jeannette and I agree with Jan, go and make Mike that strong cuppa. Love Eileen x

  3. just a note to let you know i am holding your hand (across the miles & in prayer), for as long as you need.
    glad mike is doing well, may he cont to recover nicely from his eye surgery.
    hoping the best for your brother. have him & his wife in my prayers.
    i was astonished in 2009 to learn i had liver disease, but at this point, mine seems to be reversible. time will tell.

  4. It's been dreary here too but no rain to speak of. We did have some freezing drizzle that made some pavements slippery for awhile as the temps are hovering right around the freezing mark. I'm so glad to hear your brother is some better and that they'll be doing tests to see what his problem is. I know your Mike will be appreciating some good warm refreshment when he gets home. The chill seems to go straight through some days. Thanks for keeping us updated.
    'On Ya'-ma

  5. glad mike is doing so well take care of yourself,love mort x

  6. It's good to hear that Mike is doing well, Jeannette. I hope that your brother's condition will be treated where treatment is possible.

    Thinking of you,

  7. Our rain comes in again today and tomorrow. Glad that Mike had a good report. That was nice of him to check in to see your brother. Glad that he is feeling some better. Hugs, Helen

  8. We are having a terrible ice storm here. Stopped everything in its tracks. Glad Mikes are better and your brother is better. Take care.

  9. Hi Jeannette glad to hear Mikes eyes are now good ,Maybe your neice will get in touch with you now knowing you care for her parents Jeanxx

  10. I have had the lights on all day here Jeannette,it's very dull and dark here too.Pleased to read about Mikes eyes and know your Brother is in the best hands and prayers from everyone including myself,do help thousandfold, I am sure of that.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  11. Happy to hear Mike is doing well with his eyes. It is my hope your brother can be kept comfortable and I'm so happy to hear he isn't gasping for air. I will keep all of you in my Prayers.

  12. It is dark and rainy here, too. I am so pleased Mike is doing so well. Please tell him hello. Prayers for all of you... Val xox

  13. I'm so glad you and Mike are doing well and both your doctor appointments went well...
    I will continue special thoughts for your brother and sister in law.......

  14. I`m glad to hear that all went well for Mike at the hospital Jeannette, please give him our love. I am glad your brother has a visitor. It`s been cold and dark here too and there was no improvement all day. I`d rather have a hard frost than than the icy rain we`ve had today.

    Love and Hugs

    Sandra xxxx

  15. Hope you had that good cup of tea ready for Mike when he got in !! Good news about his really other than your brother... and there really is not a lot you can do for him..and we are all praying he gets the very best of attention and his wife have had a couple of days of good news this week...
    Hang on to the good news..
    Love Sybil xx

  16. Good news about Mike, and your brother now seems more comortable at least now and it was nice that he has another visitor. It has been really gloomy today no rain here just cold.

    Take care


  17. Yucky weather here too. Ice and snow for Friday! Keeping your brother in my prayers!

  18. I believe we all were hit with a gloomy day. May tomorrow your day be filled with light and I send much healing energy to your brother. Time has a funny way of working things out & with time he shall be healed.

    Be the light!

  19. I'm sorry it's such a dreary day for you. It is here as well. Glad at least that your brother is breathing better. Please take care!

  20. What a beautiful garden on your header! Yes, Jeannette, I've come to love you and though I don't get around as often as I used to I think of you and hold you in my heart.

    Praises for Mike's good news and prayers for your brother.

  21. Hi Jeannette! I've caught up with again through Linda's post, I'll have to read your back posts to see what has been happening with you all.
    I was sorry to read about your brother and his wife, good news that Mike has had his eye operation and is over that.
    I haven't written a post for quite a while now, we have had so much going on here but that's what comes of having four daughters I suppose! Love to you and Mike. ~~~ Pat x

  22. I hope Mike continues to heal after his operation. I also hope they can do something for your brother, it must be a worry for all of you. Jeannette xx

  23. happy to hear mike is doing well. we're expecting snow tonight and into tomorrow. is it spring yet? lol

  24. do glad that he is ok
    you are in my prayers


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