Thursday, 5 November 2009

Touching Base


Happy Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire Night) to everyone in the U.K. Do not forget to stay safe if you are having fireworks, handle them correctly and please do remember to keep your pets inside.

With what has been happening in the Government over the last few months, maybe Guy Fawkes should be hailed as a hero and not a villain.

I thought it was time I touched base and wrote a few words in here.

I have not heard the latest about the postal strike but it does seem that all the junk mail is being delivered but none of the important things.

In less than three weeks our building work should begin. Cannot say I am looking forward to it, some of the windows we did not have done last year are being replaced and if the weather is cold it will not be a pleasant experience. Before then, we have to figure out where to store the things that are in are sun-lounge. One table and two chairs, a two-seater sette, a cabinet with plant on top, a large dresser full from top to bottom with household things, a large rug and the lino has to come up as well. Finding space for them is going to be difficult. We are going to be busy.

Mike's operation draws ever closer, only 12 days to go after today. Becky's operation will be on the 10th December. So what with all the building work and three medical appointments for me, we are going to have our hands full.

The leaves are all but gone from the trees now but there is still some Autumn colour from the berries and from the Chrysanthemums.

Hard to believe that Christmas is looming once again. I have not even thought about Christmas shopping, too much else on my mind at the moment.

Well, not much else to say for now. I shall let you all know how Mike gets on and I will take pictures later when building commences.

Take care everyone. Once again, be careful with those fireworks.



  1. Yes I do agree about your Guy Fawkes comment ,hee hee ,Maurice has been sweeping leaves today ! good luck to Mike and Becky ,and to you of course Jan xx

  2. I too agree about Guy Fawkes things are in a terrible mess just now every day on the news it is more gloom and doom. Maybe Christmas will cheer us all up I hope so. LOve Joan

  3. Please do let us know how Mike & Becky are doing. I will keep each of them in my Prayers. I can understand why you haven't thought of Christmas ~ you've had way too much going on around you!! I hope the windows go smoothly for you.

  4. yes, happy celebration to those enjoying the festivities tonight. hoping all keep safe.
    sounds like your hands will be full with mike & becky having surgery. hoping the best for both, & a prayer winging it's way up.
    i'm off to see the surgeon today will learn more about my pending situation.
    pat the boys for me, & a ruff from monkee.

  5. You sure have a lot on your mind with family surgeries plus new remodeling headed your way. Sending prays for everyone that everything will go fine. Hugs, Helen

  6. keeping you in our thoughts...enjoy your celebration!

  7. Hi Jeannette ,thinking of all all and hoping things go well for you and hugs

  8. i would happily light the fuse jeannette lol.good luck with everything,lets hope the weather keeps mild for your work.take care,love mort xx

  9. HI honey thanks for checking in! xo

  10. Hope your days ahead aren't too hectic. It will be so nice when all is done so just keep that in mind. Your daughter and Mike will be in my prayers.

  11. Lets hope for a quiet night here as well Jeanette. My wee Dee gets so stressed out withthe bangs etc. thankfully this year we have not be demented as we usually are with fireworks every night for days before...
    You have so much to be doing in the days ahead you will have to take care and take plenty rest when you can. Will have Becky and Mike in my thought and prayers.
    God Bless,
    Much Love sybil xx

  12. You are going to be kept busy Jeannette. Its awful when you have the builders in and have to find space for everything, I just hope the weather will be fine so you don`t get too cold. Good luck to Mike and Becky for their forthcoming surgeries.

    Love and Hugs

    Sandra xxxx

  13. Hi Jeannette
    Still plenty of leaves up here......even with all the heavy rain we have had lately. Hope all your work goes according to plan but I doubt this will worry you given the impending operations of both Mike and Becky. I will continue to pray that all works out well for them both.
    Just wondering how little (or not so little)Leo is coping with his first Bonfire Night! Hope he is ok.
    Eileen x


  15. The family certainly has alot on their plates! My prayers for all. I've heard in the States here that Guy Fawkes night is something like our "Mischief Night" with the meaning in the title. Maybe more like 4th of July with fireworks but no talk of independence lol. Have a safe one!

  16. I know you'll be glad to have Mike's surgery behind you, and I hope all goes well. Glad to see you are doing well.

  17. Little confused about Guy Fawkes Night, Jeannette. What is it exactly? I guess it's not really important, I mean it's past history and all, right, as it is currently just a fun night, with fireworks and all. Is that correct? I read somewhere online it was anti Catholic. Anyway, it's probably a fun night now with just a lot of fireworks. Just wondering.

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