Monday, 12 October 2009

Getting So Hectic!


Well, we have been up to our eyes in it and it is only going to get more hectic.

As I previously mentioned in this journal, we are having our whole heating and hot water system replaced. That will be taking place next week and it cannot come soon enough for me as they have forecast frosty nights this week. At the moment we are trying not to use the heating at all to keep the bills down. Soon, I have to start clearing out cupboards where the new boiler will be and taking all the linen out of the airing cupboard so that they can remove the immersion heater.

However, on top of that we also hope to have our very ancient and crumbling sun room taken down and replaced. This is a major job which will take a week or so. So we have had endless people in our home measuring up and sending in estimates which we have been busy comparing.

The sun room is directly off our lounge so anyone working out there will be looking directly in here so I doubt I will be spending too much time on the computer. I shall have to get a pile of books and disappear into the bedroom methinks.

With both jobs there is going to be a lot of noise and a great deal of dust and dirt so I will have plenty of cleaning up to do. Also the kitchen will have to be re-decorated as when things are moved, they leave holes that need plastering over and then, of course, painting.

Without going into detail, it also means we have to have a surveyor visit our home and we are currently awaiting a telephone call from him to arrange an appointment. Lawyers are also involved so letters are flying backwards and forwards, forms are being filled in etc. etc. etc. We should get the final quote for the sun-lounge arriving tomorrow.

Whilst all this is going on, Mike has several dental appointments, I have my blood pressure and diabetes checks and then on the 17th November, Mike will be having his eye surgery. Hopefully it will only be an overnight stay but if he goes to theatre early, he could even be home the same night. I will also be seeing my breast surgeon again for a check-up.

For years our lives have been so quiet and now everything is happening at once! I must admit I am dreading all the work part of it but so looking forward to having an efficient heating system and a brand new conservatory which will be double-glazed instead of our single glazed one. All this should certainly cut the heating bills considerably and we will be able to use the conservatory all year around and not just a few months out of every year.

So, I am not likely to be updating this journal in the foreseable future as I am sure you will understand. I will be taking before and after photographs though and you will all be able to see the outcome when I return.

In the meantime, I ask for your good wishes and prayers that my medical tests will go well and all will be fine, too much going on already, I do not need any problems, please pray that Mike's eye surgery will go well and also pray for Becky who is waiting to hear when her surgery will take place although she has been told it will not be too long.

I think, by Christmas, we will all be exhausted.

Whilst I have been writing this, I had to break off to take a telephone call from the surveyor's office. He will be coming tomorrow morning.

So, now it is all systems go again and I have to get off here. I am sorry I have not been keeping up with your journals but you can all understand why. I shall be thinking about you all and wishing you all well and hoping that life is treating you kindly.

Signing off.....................................for now.



  1. First off you all will certainly be in my prayers. You, Mike and Becky. May the dear Lord bless you all with successful outcomes on check ups and surgeries. Life does seems to come at us fast sometimes. Having a new heating system and new conservatory will be so very nice for you. Being able to use that room year round will be a blessing. As I have only a patio to sit out on during the nice weather I know I miss it when winter comes along. Take care and remember it will be so very wonderful when all the work is complete. Seeing your before and after pictures will be a treat.
    'On Ya'-ma

  2. prayers sent...
    Hectic??? omgoodness you are taking it well...I would move completely"Wishing" you luck....

  3. All that chaos but oh so worth it when its done ,I do hope all goes well for you all Jan xx

  4. good luck my mort xxx

  5. Sending up Prayers for you Jeannette, Mike and Becky. I hope your problems will soon be solved and that you will be cosy and warm this winter with plenty of hot water. Hugs, Helen

  6. You're in my prayers. Hope all the repairs go smoothly and you're nice and warm soon. see you when you get back.

  7. With all the work going on at your end, I am surprised that you found time for this entry! Hope all the work goes well and I am sure you will have some lovely "snug" evenings in your new conservatory and just think of all that lovely hot water on tap! Bliss! We changed over to a combi system last May and it is just wonderful. Prayers will be said for you all, I hope your appointment with the breast surgeon goes well and Mike and Becky's surgery is successful. Take care.
    Eileen x

  8. You're all on my prayer list.

    It will be so nice when all the "greening" up is done - with refurbished paint and a new room in conjunction with the new heating system. Keep thinking on the end product of all the reconstruction, both medical and house related. The process is worth the product.


  9. Hi Jeannette ,will be thinking of you and hoping all goes well ,it will be worth it in the long run ,to be nice and warm and have a new conservatory too. All the best to you all Jeanxx

  10. Good luck with all the upheaval, Jeannette. We'll see you when we do.

  11. Hi Jeanette, You sure have a busy time ahead but I am sure you will cope..see what you have coped with these last couple of years. It's juat a case of taking one day at a time...not rushing to look at what might be happening next week or week after !! easier said than doen I know. However I am sure you will be a snug as bugs in a rug by the time Xmas comes around. I am so looking forward to seeing the before and after look... Take care and be sure you will ALL be in my thoughts and prayers....come back as soon as you can.
    Love Sybil xx

  12. Hi Jeannette,

    Wow, you are going to have your hands full, I remember well when our new heating put in though we were lucky enough to have a couple of beautiful warm days despite it being March. Your new sunroom should be worth waiting for too although I`m sure the work will cause quite an upheavel for you and Mike. I hope your clinic and hospital appointments and Mike`s dental treatment and eye surgery all go well. I will be thinking of you both. Take care my friend.

    Love and Hugs

    Sandra xxxx

  13. your both always in my prayers everynight. and i hope everything is done and replaced quickly so you can get things back in order again.

  14. Prayers your test will be good and all the construction will go smoothly.

  15. Wow, you are busy people over there. But all the new additions will make your lives so comfortable. Praying that all the medical visits go well. Take care and update us when you can. Hugs, Linda in Washington state

  16. It'll all be worth it once it is done. Good luck with all your medical appointments. Look forward to seeing your photos in due course.

  17. Always special thoughts for you and him indoors.... :)

  18. I remeber the picture of your cute little house when you had new windows put in. Like a little doll house. Good luck on this project as well.

  19. Hello Jeannette,

    Its never easy when things hit you all at once. I hope that things turn out alright for you and your family. I am sure that you will get things taken care. I will certainly keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Do take care.

  20. (((Jeannette)))
    You are in my thoughts and prayers....always. I know what a hardship all this work on the house must be. I really feel for you guys. Hang in there!
    You all take good care and I'm sending you a BIG cyber hug :)

    Huggers, Gayla

    PS: here is my new blog address:

    I miss ya'

  21. Goodness! You do have alot going on! Home improvements can be so unnerving - I see it all the time with my husband working in home construction. You must keep a bright eye on the end result though as it will all be worth the trials now. :)

    Wishing you & Mike the best with your upcoming medical issues. I will certainly keep you in my Prayers.


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