Monday, 5 January 2009



I have decided I will not be giving up my journal completely, I would miss it too much and I would miss you all too much.

So, for the time being I shall be doing occasional entries but not going back to writing every day.

We woke up this morning to white stuff - yes - snow. Very unusual in our little corner of the world. When we do have it, it always falls overnight so nobody (except nightworkers) actually sees it fall. Of course, it has rapidly melted now. The temperatures have risen to three above freezing and a weak sun has been shining. So that may be all the snow we see this winter.

I was sorry for the boys. The day they both went back to school, the thing they had wanted most happened. So now they will not get the chance to play in it unless Mother Nature decides to give us some more.

We had a quiet New Year. The boys are far too young to stay up for it, Dean was on stand-by from work and could have been called out at any moment. We did watch the spectacular fireworks from London and had a glass of wine to see in the New Year. Well, mine was more soda water than wine but at least it had some alcohol in it.

Years ago Mike and I used to go away with our caravan, every weekend and all our holidays. We belonged to a rally club. We would go away in all weathers, rain, fog, snow. Our neighbours thought we were totally barking mad. However, we had such fun with our many friends. On the Saturday night, whoever was running the rally (sometimes Mike and myself) had to book a hall where we could have our socials. These were wild affairs with lots of drinking and dancing.

We had a super D.J., Roy P. He was just one of the members but he was really into music and had all the equipment. He gave his time freely and willingly so that the rest of us could enjoy ourselves. He also always had the very latest in releases. We all partied to YMCA and such other hits, doing all the actions. At the end of the evening we were always exhausted. I simply could never live that lifestyle again but we have wonderful memories believe me.

Anyway, Mike and I were very upset to learn that Roy, who became a good friend in those far off days, and his wife Barbara, lost their lives in a housefire between Christmas and the New Year. Such a sad end to someone who, over the years, gave such pleasure to hundreds of people. They were only a couple of years older than ourselves. Hopefully, they were overcome by the smoke and did not suffer.

I have been unable to exercise as I would like as I have a bad sciatic attack at the moment but I have been doing upper body exercises. Becky and Dean bought their Wii over yesterday and Becky and myself spent quite a long time playing Samba De Amigo. You hold maracas and have to follow the dots that appear on the screen and shake the maracas in time to the music, moving your arms above your head, to the sides of your body etc. I did quite well at it and felt as if I had had a good work-out when we finished. I would love to get one of these machines but money will not allow.

After we had taken all the decorations down which we did the day after Boxing Day, I started catching up on some reading. I am an avid fan of Strictly Come Dancing. So, I have already finished the life story of Len Goodman, the head judge and also the life story of Craig Revel Horwood. Both excellent books and I highly recommend them. If I could only pick one it would be, surprisingly, Craig's book, because of its total frankness. He writes of his alcoholic Father, his days as a drag queen and his bi-sexuality which eventually settled into homosexuality and various relationships plus his encounters on Strictly. I could not put it down.

Anyway, lunchtime now so I had better get off here and get that sorted. Then I am going to rest my back. I have a ghost story book I have just started on so might well have a couple of tales to share with you in the near future.

I hope to catch up with all your journals later in the week.



  1. I'm glad you're not giving up blogging!

  2. I'm glad you decided to stick with us here in blogland. I would miss you too much if you didn't. For the moment we have no snow but it coming back mid week they say. It's not unusual for us to have lots of the white stuff here til March. St. Patrick's Day usually brings some huge snow falls.
    I'll looking forward to a ghost story or two.
    'On Ya'-ma

  3. I'm sorry about the loss of your friends. Otherwise, things sound well with you and yours. I will be praying you feel better.

  4. Glad you are staying with us I too know it can be very time consuming I have been struggling with a bird watching entry for hours trying to get the pictures in the right places photobucket did it in the end. Wishing you all the best for the New Year. Love Joan.

  5. So pleased you are not giving up! Really enjoyed your entry today and so sorry that the boys missed the white stuff!!!!!! Eileen x Sorry I have had to come through as anonymous.

  6. I'm sad to hear of the loss of your friends...sending my prayers your way...

  7. Glad to see you back. I am sorry that the boys didn't get to play in the snow. We haven't had any here yet and probably won't. I am still having a lot of back trouble myself also. Seems like it is never ending. Ken is still doing a lot of things for me. Hope your day goes well and good reading to you. Hughs, Helen

  8. I am so happy to hear you are not going to give up blogging entirely!!! That is a lovely New Year gift to all of us. It sounds like your New Years was like mine..quiet. Travelling about on New Years sounds like a good time ~ I'm sure you have many fond memories.

  9. No snow in my part of the country today Jeannette.Though I do often think it gets a little warmer when the white stuff has fallen.Glad you enjoyed the game with Becky.Sorry there wasn't enough white stuff for the boys to enjoy."Happy New Year" once agin to you and yours.Take Care God Bless Kath x

  10. Dearest Jeannette, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friends. I hope and pray they did not suffer. Wow it sure is cold there. Awww snow and the boys didn't get to play in it. They say we're in for a couple days this week with a wintry mix of sleet and snow. I hope it doesn't come. It makes me nervous driving in it, especially when I have kids in the vehicle with me, which most times I do. I am happy to hear you won't be leaving us. I would truely miss you. I can't wait to read about more ghost tales. Have a wonderful week. (((((hugs))))))
    Cindy xoxo

  11. It's trying to snow here, but very cold anyway,
    Sorry to hear about your friends,hopefully they did not suffer. Glad your going to keep blogging, just have to take it easy, and well done with your excerside, it's more than I do, I'm quite a fan of Craig Revel Horwood, When I get to the slaes I'll be stocking up on my reading.
    Have a good week

    Take care


  12. THAT'S more like the old Jeannette! Glad you have packed away that miserable Christmas, and are quietly enjoying yourself this brand new year.
    Love to you both
    Bunny xx

  13. glad to see you back jeannette,so sad about your friends.hope 2009 is a good one for you,and you have a peaceful and happy one.take care love mort xx

  14. What a dreadful thing to happen to your friends Jeannette, my condolences to their family.

    We had snow overnight but it has not all gone and is only 1 degree over freezing. The wind is bitterly cold too and I`m surprised it hasn`t kept the customers away. Oh, I`ve just noticed it`s snowing again and it`s so dark I`ll need the light on soon. Roman is home from St.Petersburg tomorrow after enjoying a full week of snow. Kerry says he`s having a wonderful time and I know Nathan and Daniel would love it too.

    I was hoping to get Craig Revel-Horwood`s autobiography for Christmas but I`ll have to buy it myself when it comes out in paperback. Take care and I hope the sciatica eases soon.

    Love and Hugs

    Sandra xxxx

  15. I knew you would be back! I want some snow. My back is aching right now. It is raining here and not expected to stop.

  16. Morning Jeannette, WE WOULD ALL MISS YOU too much as well.

    Love and hugs,

    Alberta LORI

    PS I am so sorry about your friends

  17. Hi Jeannette we had abit of snow here but its frozen under foot and not nice when you have to travel or walk in it .At school the children couldn't go in the playground as it was too dangerous and icy .Your books sound interesting will have to look out for them ,I love Strickly Come Dancing Jeanxxx

  18. I am so sorry about your friends.....

    Enjoy your books and your play time with Becky... :)

  19. I am so sorry about the loss of your sad.

    Glad you are back blogging.

    Hugs, Rose

  20. Happy New Year, Jeannette, Glad you've decided not to give up on your journal! Sorry to hear about the loss of your friends and what a terrible way to pass away. I also hope they did not suffer. God rest their souls!
    No snow here in Yorkshire yet. I love the Wii but I did not know the game Samba De Amigo. I'll have to try it out. All the best. Ciao. Antonella

  21. Good to hear from you Jeannette. We got snow here late Sunday afternoon but it warmed during the night & the snow is gone (YEAH!) I love Len Goodman. He's one of the judges on our "Dancing With The Stars." It's over for now but will be back again later this year. Have a good week....hugs Linda in Washington

  22. How awful to receive the news that your friends perished in the fire ,Bet you cant stop thinking about it ,I like the sound of both books will keep an eye open for them ,I miss strictly ,I loved it Jan xx

  23. Jeannette so glad you are staying with us ~ you would have been missed ~ so sorry to hear about your friends it is sad to hear this at any time of the year but especially at Christmas ~
    Hope the boys get the chance to play in the snow ~ I think we have some more coming our way ~ Ally x

  24. Oh Jeanettem I was so happy a few mins. ago when I came to check up and foudn you had written to us again...Thank goodness. You are so much missed when you are not around. Although I am sure we all appreciate you perhpas not being able to come on everyday...just come when you feel able...we will be here
    No wonder you had a sad Christas with that news about Roy and his so sad..
    Anyway I am away to watch Emerdale...(my fav. soap) Keep safe and well.
    Much Love Sybil xxx

  25. It's been a real cold winter--even here in California! It was hard for me to take my youngest to school today, so early in the morning after two weeks off of vacation. There should be a law-no school on very cold days...or work for that matter. I'm so glad you haven't given up blogging! Hugs - Julie

  26. I'm sorry to hear about your friends dying in the fire, it's a horrible way to go. We had snow and it snowed on and off all day, much to my dismay! I'm glad you're enjoying the exercise programme. Happy new year! Jeannette xx Happy New Year entry!

  27. Snow?? We've haven't seen any down here yet. Lots of ice though which isn't fun walking to work when it's about. Sorry to hear about your friends, that's really sad. It sounds like you had great times on the rally's. Glad you enjoyed the books x

  28. Jeanette glad you'll be checking in and letting us know how you and yours are dear. So sorry to hear about your friends, may the special memories you all shared be of comfort to your heart. Now tht we live in the warmer southern USA area, I sure don't miss the wintry weather, but know your boys will be sorry they couldn't be out in it. Take care.

  29. I'm so happy you didn't go away permanently. Sounds like you and Mike had some wild New Year's in the past. I'm sorry about the loss of your friends. That is so tragic. We have been "enjoying" plentiful snow this year. Wish I could send some to the boys.. Love, Linda

  30. I'm glad you decided to stay.
    No snow for us again. I think we must be covered by an invisible umbrella:)
    I too would love to have a Wii, they sound so good.
    Terribly sad news about your friends. It must have been a shock for you.
    Take care of yourself Jeanette.
    Hugs to you and Mike.

  31. Hello Jeannette, so sorry I've not been around! I really have been terrible with journals lately! Awwww sorry about the sciatica - I have that so I know what its like! Happy New Year. p.s. I dont think any of us could completely give up our journals! xxxxxx

  32. No snow here even if it is hovering around freezing...I wouldn't mind some snow as i quite like snow...So sorry to hear about what happened to your friends :o( I too pray they were overcome with the smoke as it is better that way in such sad tragic circumstances...Glad you are staying with us

    Caff xxx

  33. How tragic that your friends lost their lives like that..the only consolation being that they went together and hopefully without knowing like you said...

    good to see you feeling like posting again...

  34. dear Jeanette,
    I am so sorry to hear that your friends died in a fire..sigh..Gee that is creepy!
    Happy New Year and I'm thrilled that you are staying on!
    love and hugs,natalie

  35. Jeannette,
    Pleased you're keeping your journal. Am sad to hear of your friends' death in a fire. RIP

  36. Glad you are going to hang in there with us, Jeannette. I am sad you lost your friends in such a painful way. I have always thought death by fire would be very hard. Your old dancing and socializing days sound like such fun. Too bad there is not a video taken somehow we could unroll in the now and see for ourselves! Gerry

  37. I am glad your sticking around and it sounded like so much fun you had then, so sad about your friend.

  38. Jeannette, I just love that picture of the house..Is it near you?



  39. So glad you are not giving up blogging. Gosh, when you said you were not interesting, had nothing interesting left to say, I gasped. What are you speaking of, Love? You've lots to say! And obviously we want to hear it, or we wouldn't be here! So please, if you have to take a break, that's fine, but please don't go away. You're anything but boring!

    krissy knox :)
    my main blog: Sometimes I Think
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  40. Pleased to see you are not leaving completely

  41. hi jeanette, I was so pleased to see your blogs again, your plants are so pretty and must really brighten up the most gloomiest of days. Happy new year to you and your from christine

  42. I have to look on my thermometer to see how cold it is C compared to F. I use two 10 lb. dumbbells to exercise with up to 3 hours in the evenings while watching TV standing up, and then relaxing sitting down. Not every night, but many evenings. Also taking my daily walks with Salty up to 2 miles, up and down my lane. I quit smoking again since Nov. 28. I have a desire to do everything I can to feel better. At 56 my arthritis and back is awful in the morning. Exercise is the best therapy there is. My condolences concerning your friends that lost their lives in the smoke/fire. mark

  43. Dear Jeannette,
    I was so glad to see that you haven't given up journaling altogether. Like you I have a bad back and it doesn't help it much sitting in front of the 'puter for long spells. As long as you check in from time to time then I know all your friends will be happy.
    I was sorry to read about your friends death over Christmas. How horrible for them and their families. For you too!
    My condolences to their family.
    Keep up the good work on your exercises. I should try following your good example.
    Jeanie xx


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