Friday, 26 December 2008

Glad It Is Gone And Maybe Signing Off

I have just spent the most miserable Christmas I have ever experienced since I first learned what Christmas meant and was able to enjoy it. No photographs to share with you. I am just glad that it is over and gone. That is all I have to say on the matter.

It did give me time though to do some serious thinking and evaluate lots of things in my mind.

One of the things I have been pondering on the most is this journal. I think it has run its course. I can think of nowhere else to take it. Over the years I have been writing I have covered just about everything I could think of.

I have written some of my childhood, the things that I wanted to share, there was lots that I chose not to. I have written about my Grandparents on both sides, many other relatives, family research, local history, photographs, videos, both our own and ones I have found on YouTube. I have written about my own family, our pets, our garden, ghost stories, poems, jokes, my early schooldays, my employment, holidays and lots more. Like I said, just about everything that came to mind.

The Bible says there is a season for everything and I think the season of my journal has come to an end. I can see no direction to go in now. I can no longer see a way to make it interesting, a place people like to visit. I guess I have just dried up.

On top of that, there is the system itself. When aol first announced they were going to close our journals, I was going to stop writing then, it seemed right somehow. Then I thought of all the help and support I had received from all of you and decided to give blogger a go. I found it very hard at the beginning, as we all did. I liked the way we could do much more with our journals, adding gadgets and all the little extras. However, I was never happy with the loss of alerts. I simply do not like the blogger system of having to go into dashboard to see who has posted. Also, when you have been there and commented, there is no way to delete, I mean they do not disappear from the dashboard and you still have an endless list of journals. Sometimes I cannot remember if I have been there or not, unless a particular graphic or sentence stands out to me. It remains very time consuming and not something I enjoy whereas I used to love to log on and see all the alerts waiting in my mailbox.

Would I start again somewhere else? No. Like I said I have written just about all I can say. I have no intention of repeating it all somewhere else.

I might change my mind somewhere down the line. That is why I have decided not to delete the journal. One day I might take it up again, who knows, none of us has any idea what lies in the future. I could change my mind in a few days, a couple of months or never. Only time will tell.

I am going to take some more time to think it all through, listen to my little inner voice, I want to be sure I am making the right decision.

I will still add to Call For Support if any one notifies me of someone who needs us to rally round. I hope it will not be necessary but I will also always make myself available if an entry needs to be made on our memorial journal - Silent Keyboards- J-Land Angels 2.

So, as written above, I will take some time out. Carefully consider and then make my final decision.

For this reason, I am going to wish you all a very Happy New Year right now. I hope 2009 is kind to you as I hope it will be kinder to me. I hope your troubles and worries will be few and your joys many. If any of you wish to e-mail me at any time, I would be happy to hear from you.

So, at least for the meantime, I will wish you all a fond adieu. Take care, stay safe, be well, be happy. May whatever God you follow, bless you.


  1. My dear one you have so much to give us that I really do hate to see you give up journaling. I'm sorry your Cristmas was a miserable one but as you know we get a chance to start each and every day anew. I've had many reasons this year to take the sunshine away, but I have the hope that the good Lord will see me through and as long as I am here I still have a purpose and will not dispair of it all. I was so looking foreward to hearing of your new start on the exercising and all. You were so upbeat in your last post and whatever happened between now and then should only make your resolve all the stronger. I wish there were some magic words to tell you and perk you up... but the only ones I know is that I love you as a friend and will miss being in touch. Please accept my good wishes for a really Happy New Year and know that you are in my prayers and thoughts. 'On Ya'-ma

  2. I agree with everything written above. I also am wishing a better new year. Prayers and hugs to you. Feel good.

  3. My Dear Jeanette, I am sorry that your Christmas was so miserable but perhpas it is just the way that you are feeling at the moment with the change in your medication etc. . I would sure miss your entries, I have you in my Favs. and check each and every day for your latest entry...As You know I didn't really get started with blogspot and miss very very much the interaction I had with all my friends in AOL..but life does go on and I am glad that many of you made the transition and that I have been able to keep in touch. If you don't come back to us soon....I will e mail I would hate to loose touch.
    May the coming days bring a little sunshine into your lives.
    Much Love Sybil xxx

  4. Sorry you did not enjoy your day. I can relate with taking a break, because as you may know - I've done it myself. Sometimes, one just needs to take time away. I hope you will come back when the time is right for you! God Bless and you will be missed.

  5. Give the journal a rest, Jeannette; it's not worth letting it ruin your life. I think we are all aware of the shortcomings of the new setup, and would like to return to the old system.
    Having said that, Christmas is a time when we feel everything should be perfect, and that which is not comes into sharper focus.
    Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year.
    Bunny xx

  6. sorry to hear your Christmas wasw "miserable".
    & sorry to hear you're thinking of giving up journaling, however, only you can make that decision. do what feels right to you. don't keep it going if your heart is no longer in it. we all understand. have enjoyed your postings over the yrs, but it's not worth your emotional/physical health.
    whatever you decide, please don't lose touch with me.
    will say a special prayer, that you do what is best for you.
    love & hugs...

  7. Dear Jeannette, I agree with all the comments above. If it's to do with your help I can understand you to take a break, otherwise, please do not leave us. You're such a special lady and every entry in your journal is something special to me and - I'm sure everybody agrees - to all of us, your readers and, I hope by now, friends. You're a pillar of this virtual community and we do not want to lose touch. Please stay with us, al least every now and then...God bless you! Antonella

  8. So sorry to hear you had a miserable ,Christmas ,I hope things look better for you very soon Jan xx

  9. I hope you keep your journal. I enjoy it and love to see the boys grow and see a glimpse into your life. I would not worry if you think people don't think its interesting. It is yours and is your spot and what you like is the bottom line. Love, Linda

  10. I find what you write interesting, no matter what so I don't agree that you've dried up. Visiting you and yours via your journal is a stop I like to make. As for alerts I know what you mean, but instead of just using dashboard I click on the google reader below my list on dashboard (it should be on the bottom right) This does let you watch for new entries. The journals you visit are on the left. Anyone who has done an entry is highlighted. You can mark it read so it disappears. I wish you'd give this a try before you totally leave. In the meantime Happy New Year and I do hope you have some form of calmness from your decisions whatever they are.
    Love ya

  11. I am so sorry to hear you had such a miserable Christmas. I am also sad to hear you are thinking of leaving us. I find your journal very interesting and would hate to see you stop journalling. But I also understand you must do what you think is best. Please though, take some time to think about it before you make your decision. We'll be here when, if, you choose to come back. I will miss you terribly my dear friend. Happy New Year to as well.

  12. Jeannette I know you have so much on your mind these days. I'm sorry to hear you will stop journaling, but I also realize that sometimes a person needs time. I am happy to hear you won't delete and will give it time to see what you really want to do. I hope your break from here is a good one and things hit on a better note for you. You will be missed. Happy New Year to you too.
    Take care, Chrissie

  13. Take care Jeannette and I will be hoping you write a bit soon.... You don't have to write long stories just little snippets to let us know you are ok.... God bless

  14. ive been where you are now jeannette.its hard if your heart isnt in have a break,as i did,and then see how it for xmas,im sorry yours was miserable.may 2009 be a better,happier,worry free one for you.take care,all best wishes,love mort xx

  15. Jeannette, you are a gifted journalist but just have to cut back to what you can fit into your health needs. I hope you will give the blog time for adjustments. It might seem like going away forever just not to post for a few days, but better now and then than none is my take. Gerry

  16. Jeanette, Sometimes I feel the same. Seems like Journaling takes a lot of time, and sometimes its hard to think of things to keep it interesting. Follow your heart! I'm sure, though you will be missed, all would understand. Marlene

  17. Do whatever you need to take care of you... and I will miss you.....
    To a new year of new beginnings and many blessings.... :)

  18. Sorry Christmas wasn't good for you, and I completly understand your feelings about the transfer from AOL to Blogger and the various difference, though I don't belive that you have nothing to offer, you do a lot, but clearly you must take care of you.
    Have a great 2009 and hope to see you when refreshed.



  19. Christmas has always been difficult for me. I try not to expect much and focus on the moment. For instance an old friend's mom sent me a sweet Christmas card that made me smile.

    take care and know that you are cared about.

  20. I'm so sorry to hear the day did not go well. You are the third person that has mentioned Christmas not going well this year. I agree with all the other commentors, we need you. Please just take a rest and come back and post an entry from time to time. Remember you are loved....Linda in snowy Washington state

  21. I'm heartbroken to learn you had a bad Christmas. I pray whatever issues made it so are resolved. As to your journal, it appears it remains to be very popular. Yet, I can thuroughly understand someone needing to take a hiatus. Whatever you decide you are still my precious friend and sister in Christ, Jeannette!

  22. :( I'm very sad to hear that I won't be reading more of your entries anytime soon. I'm sorry Christmas has not turned out as happy as planned. I hope things get better for you, and your time away from Blogger is a time where you can rest, and reflect and put your energies in something joyful. You are such a talented writer--I will miss you, but you need to take time off for yourself. I hope I hear from you soon somehow. Take care, and God bless - Hugs - Julie

  23. Jeannette, Everything that I would say has already been said. I am glad that you decided not to delete your journal, I would hate to see this beautiful place of your disappear. And I hope and think that after a break, you will find your voice and the joy it gives you to come back and share your beautiful stories with us. Take some time and reevaluate how you feel in a month or so. But in the meantime, remember that you are much loved here.

    I'm also sorry to hear that your Christmas was not a happy one, but I know from experience that one Christmas doesn't predict future ones. Miracles happen....hold on.

  24. Blessings and prayers to you. If it isn't fun anymore than you probably should stop. We all will miss you as you can see from all of the comments.
    Big hug!

  25. Hi Jeannette - I am a "silent fan" of yours - came across your journal back at AOL and followed you here. I am an American about your age (probably a bit older) living in the Washington, D.C. area and I have thoroughly enjoyed your journal, especially your tales from the past, which I can relate to. I want you to do what you feel you need to do, but please know if you stopped for good I would miss you very much. - Linda

  26. I don't know what has brought this on Jeanette..maybe a combination of things...the latest set back with your health..your disappointment with Blogger...a bad christmas but whatever it was i hope that you change your were one of the first journals I read a few years back in J Land and I feel like i know lose you would be like losing a freind...but none of us know what you are going through and you have to do what's best for you...but please promise you will stay in touch in some form?? It would worry me terribly if I didn't know if you were alright... :-(

  27. I wish that there was something I could do to make everything better...but as it is all I can do is offer a cyber hug ((( J )))and pay that all turns out better for you in the future. I am so sorry that your Christmas was a bad for me, I am glad it is over here at my house.

  28. Hi Jeannette ,sorry your Christmas was an un happy one sound so sad ,hopefully you will change your mind and keep posting as I am sure you will be missed by everyone ,and with Avapit closing too ,its al coming to an end ,but we mustn't lose touch ....take care love Jeanxx

  29. I too am "a silent fan" and have followed your journal over the past few years. I'm sad you will not be posting in the near future but hope 2009 will be a good year for you. Thank you for retaining the journal as I'm sure it will continue to inspire and help many others.
    You are a special person and you will stay in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless you and your family, Rosemary

  30. jeanette - so sorry to hear that something(s) have made you feel so unhappy since your last posting. I have enjoyed reading your journal over the past 4 years. So much as been covered, in such an interesting manner. I shall miss you - but do hope there will be the occasional 'read' whenever you feel able. Best wishes to you and your family. Vee.

  31. Im sad to hear something made you unhappy...It's nice to take a break from "things", but know you have created alot of "freindships" that didnt exists before when you started your journal...not just a connection to you, but how thru you others have met...thats awesome, and I'm grateful for you do have been able to do that for me...Journaling "blogging" should be a pleasure for its author, and when it is no longer a pleasure...I understand! take care
    cant wait to hear from you again!

  32. Dear Jeannette, I`m so sorry that your Christmas has been so miserable. You have been through so much the last year or so and I was hoping your Christmas would be a lovely, happy time, so I can understand why you feel your journal has run its course. Perhaps a break away will help but I`m truly hoping it will be a short one as you always have something interesting to say and I try to read all your entries.I`m glad you aren`t deleting it and hope you`ll be posting entries again very soon. Take care dear friend and have a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

    Love and Hugs

    Sandra xxxxx

  33. My dear. I do hope that you come back to us and share with us what is happening in your life. You have made me laugh and cry and pray. I have found myself awwwwing at the photos and wanting to hug you in your times of needs. I have always felt a kindred with you. Remember that this is for you not us. We are the lucky ones that you allow us to share your life with us. Use the Google Reader. It allows you to delete the entries you have read.

  34. Jeannette- Please do not stop blogging. I am just now getting to know you. Sometimes I feel the same way and wonder what I will say in my next post or if anyone even cares. I still continue to crawl along hoping someone will come by and leave a comment. You are one of my favorite guests. Please reconsider.

  35. Hey Jeannette,

    I do hope that your Christmas season gets better. It would be sad to see your journal come to an end. I and many others would be sad to see you go. I have always appreciated that you were the first person to welcome me to J-Land. I would always hope that you would be around. I would miss you dearly. Perhaps you just need a break from your journal for a while but maybe you may come back to it when you are feeling better you never know. I hope that you continue with us for a little while longer. Do take care.

  36. Dear Jeanette, I am so sad to hear that you are thinking of finishing your journals. Over the years they have meant a lot to me.
    I wish you well and hope & pray that you will have better times soon.
    love from christine xx

  37. Dearest Jeannette, As you read there are many who love and care for you...but I understand YOU have to do what is best for YOU...
    Know that I will keep in touch with you via email if that is all right because remember I have plans to stop in one day with my Chuckie to meet you and Mike and share a "cup of tea"
    Blessings and much love to you.

    Alberta LORI

  38. Jeannette,
    Am late catching up with your post, and I am truly sorry Christmas was not the joyous occasion you had been looking forward to. As you know, I am too reviewing my future as a blogger - and everything else alongside. I will say to you that you have made a huge contribution in drawing in countless numbers of people into blogging. Take your time in making up your mind, and if you want, come back when you're ready. If you do not return, I wish you and Mike all that is good for 2009 and beyond.

    From across one sea or another,

  39. Jeannete whatever you decide to do with regards to your journal, just know you have touched all of our hearts who have been reading your journal. We're here for you dear, hope to see you back. Bless you and yours.

  40. Awww sorry to read you had a horrible Christmas Jeanette.
    I'm sorry to hear you may be packing it all in.
    Your Journal was the first one I ever read, and through you I found many others, I love reading about whatever is happening down your way.
    You will be missed, but I can understand that sometimes you have to do what's best for you. I hope you will return to us soon.
    Sending you love and warm wishes for 2009, may it be a better year for you and Mike.
    Happy New year to both you and Mike.

  41. Dear Jeanette~Ive not always commented, but have been a faithful reader; your journal has always been a great pleasure & joy to read. I'm so sorry that you are going through a difficult time & had a terrible Christmas. Whatever your decision, thank you from my heart for sharing so much of your life.
    May 2009 bring you happiness & joy and be a better year for you!

  42. I'm sorry your Christmas was so miserable Jeannette. I totally agree about Blogger, it just doesn't feel like home. Just a few minutes ago I commented on someonlse's journal that I don't like the dashboard alert system, I hardly ever go to my journal so don't get many alerts apart from those from Fedblitz. I've only made one entry on my old journal, I just never feel like updating it and, like you, I've been debating whether to keep it going. Too much time is spent on here, life's too short to spend hours a day writing and comnmenting. Working full time doesn't leave me any time at all. Best of luck in the future and I hope that your health will improve. Happy new year to you and Mike. Jeannette xx

  43. Mine was miserable too.I tore down all (which was alot) of my decorations and tree on Christmas day(in the evening) A job that should have taken a week took me less than an hour.And I too-am thinking of ending my journal..just a waste of valuable time-for what -A hi ya or a that was nice once in a while--bah-humbug-I say!!!


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