Tuesday, 28 October 2008



There is a real feel of winter in the air now, it seems autumn has already passed us by. We did have some bright sunshine but it was bitterly cold and by late afternoon, the rain came in. The days are so short now. I hate this time of year because of the bills, the energy prices have risen so much. We are almost tempted to go back to burning candles!

However, we do need to have the heating on although we turn the thermostat to the lowest possible setting. I see, that here in the UK, house repossessions have risen by seventy-one percent in a year. I feel so sorry for those that have lost their homes, more particularly at this time of the year and especially those that have children.

I have left the poll up for close to forty-eight hours so I think that everyone has had the chance to vote. If I do one again, I might well put it on the sidebar and that way it can stay for a week or so. I would like to thank all those of you who voted. It was a tie for first place, it does seem that books and flowers are very popular. I was suprised that nobody chose music, also that nobody picked jewellery but then jewellery is a very personal thing, we all have our own tastes. I know I have been given items over the years that I have never worn.

Flowers or a potted plant - Votes 18.
A Book or book token - Votes 18.
Chocolates - Votes 5.
Perfume - Votes 4.
A movie DVD - Votes 2.
Jewellery - Votes 0.
A Music CD - Votes 0.
Lingerie - Votes 0.
None of the above - Votes 2.

A total of forty nine people voted, thank you for taking the time and for joining in. I did try to copy and paste the results into this entry as I always used to on J-Land, but blogger was having none of it!

Anyway, I am going now to have a nice cup of tea and watch some television. If it is cold where you are, wrap up warm.

P.S. Just below where my posting is, I have now added the three little boxes that allow you to give a posting reaction if you wish to. This is available to anyone, it is part of blogger. Just a little bit of extra fun.



  1. Hi Jeannette thankyou for the poll results interesting result.Yes I have just done a posting to put in at the end of the week which includes the energy costs they are wicked.I pressed the audio part but it told me not available as yet Grrr.How clever youare to install it anyway.I don't even think my postings are getting through for some reason.Lovely photo's of the Grandboys by the way in your sidebar bless them how bonny they are.Take care Stay warm God Bless Kath xx

  2. Hallo Jeannette, I knew that books were going to win (although in a tie with flowers)...Everybody is happy with a good book. Love the Nathan's and Daniel's photos on your sidebar. They are so cute! Bitterly cold here as well. The hot water bottle has become my best friend!!! Keep warm. Ciao. Antonella

  3. Your Grandsons are beautiful!!!

    I had picked flowers lol - altough books would probalby come in second with me as I love to read.

    It's not very nice weather wise here either. Very cold. I don't care for this time of year! I want SPRNG!

    Thanks for the poll - that was fun!



  4. Nice to see the results of your poll - I went with the flowers or plant so I guess I am in the norm. LOL.

    It is cold, rainy & very, very windy here today. The news had said wind gusts to 50 mph and each time I look out the window all I see are leaves blowing about.

    I dread the longer days too, I guess it is our turn to go back an hour this weekend. :(

  5. I was a perfume vote myself Jeannette but that was a good result. Managed to put my picture in using Photobucket but would like it bigger will do better tomorrow. Thanks again. Love Joan.

  6. I like to read and I like flowers but I voted for flowers. Thanks for having this pole. It was fun. Helen

  7. it's cold here for sure, 23 F this morning, brrr. this winter is going to be a hard one for us i think. :(
    have a good rest of the week.

  8. I had seen the 3 boxes on someone else's blog too. It is a fun thing to do. It's cold here and I keep the heat on a low setting too and just wrap up in one of my cosy robes at home when I'm not busy moving around. That way I keep the chill off. Many have lost their homes here too. It is a sad time for many this year.
    I keep counting my blessings of which there are many and thanking the good Lord for them.
    'On Ya'- ma

  9. The results are interesting! Thanks! ANd, stay warm!

  10. rats...I missed taking the poll...looking forward to the next one...I'mmmm tttthhhinking of you.brrrr..bundle up stay warm!

  11. ((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))Thats funny,dvd got 2 votes.LOL.One was probllay me.I tol my Boyfriend what you said in the comment,He aggreed,I told Him,I want to look into getting SSI.He knew something was worng,becase I sounded upset,than I started to cry.I dont want to work there anymore,but my Health insurance is important.But I do plan on doing something about that.Thank you.

  12. Jeannette, nice poll. I voted noe of the above. I missed the book one or I would have picked that.
    You wrote "However, we do need to have the heating on although we turn the thermostat to the lowest possible setting." I think my has the record low on temperture seettings. She insists on 65 during the day and 62 at night. I am freezing all the time even with a heavy blanket around my sholders. To add to that today ww has snow. The last time we had now in October was in 1979. We also lost elevtricty for three hours. It was not a fun day. I will try to keep warm and I hope you do too, Bill


  13. I did not see three boxes below the comment box. All I see is "Links to this post."

  14. Great poll. Have a good Wednesday!

  15. its cold,its dark,its bloody expensive to keep warm. ah,england in winter well,team GB as a whole lol. still wouldnt change it for the world. take care jeannette love mort xx

  16. I missed the poll somehow. I go through my dashb oard to read. I would have said flowers :).....

  17. Thanks for the poll results only 4 others chose my option "chocolates", it has been a dark dreary day here today, at least if you get a bit of winter son it can brighten your day.

    Take care


  18. Intersting poll results. Speaking of chocolate I still want some. :)

  19. Here in the midwest in Northern Illinois we are enjoying a bit of Indian summer. 70's are called for today Halloween. My area had the most growth in homes and now is suffering the most homes lost. It is very sad, but I can understand how it happens.

  20. very interesting poll results.


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