Monday, 27 October 2008

POLL - Please Join In

What a difference it has made with the clocks being put back. It was dark before five p.m. yesterday evening. It has certainly thrown our body clocks out of whack! Sunday was a day of nonstop rain but it was brightened for us because Becky and the boys came over. I had great fun playing with those two, I can tell you.

They are wonderful to be with and they develop more each time I see them. They never stop talking or laughing so we all had a great time. I was entertained by songs and dances and lots of cuddles. I think they were exhausted by the time they left us.

Becky gave us a beautiful copy of Nathan's first ever class photograph. I wish I could share it with you. However, that is simply not possible for privacy reasons, too many other children involved.

Only a few days before our aol. journals are deleted forever and J-Land is no more. I cannot help but feel sad about it. Over four years writing there and I know that many of you started even earlier. Memories of people who have left us. The support I have always received. It was a great place. Still, time and tides move on and we shall have to make Blogger an equally nice place to be. I hope we can build just as great a community.

I have decided to run another little poll as they proved quite popular when I used to do them. I will not know until I publish this whether it is going to work. I know we can add polls automatically on blogger but they appear in your sidebar and I did not really want that.

Imagine that you had a visitor and that visitor brought with them a present for you. What would you like it to be? Think very carefully now, because you are only allowed one choice.

I could have added more things like tickets to a show or a sporting event, an ornament or a photo frame. However, as this is the first time I have added a poll on blogger, I decided to keep it short. If your answer is - none of the above, then please tell me in your comment what you would really like your present to be.

Remember, you can only vote for one.

Have fun!



  1. Glad you had a nice day with the grandkids I know how much you enjoy it when the come over, also i like the new profile pick very glam.

    I did the poll too
    Take care


  2. Happy to hear you had a wonderful day with the boys. I can't wait to see my grandchildren in 3 weeks. Have a super week. ~~Kath~~

  3. I'm sure the day with your family was a great one. I too think it's always nice to have the grand children around. I was thinking while reading about your poll that most of my visitors are family and what I really like is the hugs and smiles they bring with them. I did vote on the flowers, but I don't remember ever having a guest bring me any. 'On Ya'-ma

  4. Hi...I took the poll....I think they are fun and appreciate your doing them so much...seems you chased away the rainy blues with the is fun to watch them "grow" and "mature" in your journal and now blog. Happy day to ya...Hugs from Ora..across the big pond in KY

  5. Glad you had fun with the grands! Bet they are getting big! I voted for a book! Love books!

    be well...

  6. It looks like you enjoyed the day! I choose chocolates. Right now I am craving it :)


  7. Voted...but would have put a nice leaf black tea would be my choice.


    Lori (Alberta)

  8. I am a poor present taker Jeannette but my choise would have been flowers.Though my first choise would be lots of hugs and laughs,just as you got yesterday from your delightful Grandboys.Nothing nicer.My Grandson of fourteen called to see me yesterday and the hug he gave me has made my week.Sentimental Old Motherhen that I am lol!!Enjoy the boys.Sorry you couldn't show us the school pic not to worry.Have a lovely week.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  9. What a lovely day,they are always special when we see our little/younger ones arent they ? Ivoted Jan xx

  10. I love your little fish widget...I'm afraid I lost track of my comment playing with it! LOL.

    Nice you had a chance to spend the day with family - I know how much you love spending time with the boys.

    We haven't turned our clocks yet, the date we has been changed and I have no idea when it is. I just know I hate the long and dark nights doing the evening feed in darkness.

    I voted for flowers!! Yay..your polls are back!

  11. Happy you had a great time with the kids. they bring such joy into our lives:-)..i voted but i didn't include chocolates-that's my second option..this next weekend is when we turn our clocks back. i don't look forward to it. always messes me up~lol..have a great one!~kbear

  12. The poll came in great.

    Even with daylight savings (borrowings, whatever) I notice that I will have to walk the dog before supper or take a flashlight. Next week it will be worse, I'm sure.

    ;^) Jan the Gryphon

  13. I hate the clocks changing - all we have to look forward to is it being dark at 4 p.m.! Glad you enjoyed seeing the boys yesterday - they love seeing you and Grandy as well. Love B x

  14. Glad you had a lovely day with the kids, Jeannette. It's sunny and lovely here but so terribly cold! My daughter won't stop feeding your fish, have problems to regain possession of the computer! Love your rainbow signature. All the best. Ciao. Antonella

  15. I empathise with your sentiments on the demise of AOL Journals, Jeannette. I did not have much difficulty with the changing of the clocks, but it's 4.55pm and getting dark. Don't like that very much, and it'll get worse.

  16. I'd like to have a potted plant since I don't have any at my house.

  17. What a good idea for a poll Jeannette, I wouldn`t be very good as I could never think of any good themes. I`m glad you had a good weekend with the boys, I haven`t seen Roman for over a week and won`t see him until next Sunday. At least we talk on the phone every couple of days. Today he was telling me about his newly decorated bedroom from B&Q, he has this thing that everything comes from! How nice to have Nathan`s school photo, something to really cherish. :o)

    Love Sandra xxxx

  18. Hi Jeannette, I don't know what it is about changing the clocks it never used to bother me at all now it really knocks me for six too. Today I have not been quite so bad. At least we have a bit of daylight in the morning again as it was still dark at 8 o'clock last week. I think you must have had the rain we had on Saturday it was dreadful. Glad you had a nice day with the boys we will have Ellen on Wednesday. Love Joan.

  19. Hi Jeannette. I hate it being dark early! Still how lovely and sunny it was today. We had rain all day yesterday too! Was an awful day. Still it was nice for John and I to have time together. Laine xxx

  20. I am glad you had a great time with your grandchildren!!!

    I think next weekend we change our clocks back. I can't wait until SPRING lol.



  21. I love the fish widget also but I always really liked the fish hatchery. This is better, no smelly hands. I took the poll. I would love a good bood right now

  22. (((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))I voted a movie,dvd,I used to have hundreds,now,not so many.

  23. ((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))I have a question,how did you add pis on your side bar?I still havent figured that out.Thanks.

  24. I voted perfume just cause I love it, if that hadn't been a choice I would have gone for flowers!

  25. I voted for flowers or plants because I never allowed myself to have any with animals in the house, but now that we are alone I think I'd like some beauty in the house.
    I loved the listening, boy if that won't make me lazy I don't know what will. LOL.
    Glad you had a great time with the kids and got that picture.
    It will be sad to think Jland is no more, but honestly that is not true because the people were what made Jland what it was and most of us have continued on here so they didn't break up our happy family even though they tried.
    I'm like you on the time change ours changes on Saturday/Sunday whatever you wanna call it. I just wish we'd stay one darn time and flip back and forth.
    Hope you have a great day and get lots of poll takers.

  26. it had to be a book!
    Ah! nothing's as good! Jeanette
    please give me some comments on mu blog (and whoever else who wants to) about All Saints Day or whatever you call the day after Halloween!

  27. Hi Jeannette. I'm adding you as a follower after this comment.

    I picked a book or a book token. We call them gift certificates here in the US.

    Take care, John

  28. glad you enjoyed your visit with your grands! I voted for chocolate, LOL; that's my favorite treat :)

    great poll :)


  29. I voted for a book. I was torn between that and a dvd though.

    Does anyone know if Lahoma's AOL journal is going to get moved? Has anyone reached someone to move it? Or has anyone copied any of it?

  30. Books or book tokens for me - it would have to be. I like drowning in words ... glad you sorted out the reactions thing Jeannette.

  31. it doesn't show the results of the poll!! you know what i voted for..bookworm that i am...;-)


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