Thursday, 13 June 2013


According to the latest forecast we are in fcor another wet summer with strong winds so I cannot see the bedding plants Mike has managed to get in amounting to much.

All very depressing.  Other than that everything is about the same and the boys are doing well.
I do not post much now as I feel there are so few left to read but I think about you all a great deal.


  1. I am glad to see your post today. I know that many quit blogging but I'm still at it. It's a daily habit with me. Hope you have a good summer there and that you can post more often.

  2. Glad to hear from you. The last time I tried to leave a comment on your blog for some reason I couldn't get it to go in. I still have my blog but there were so many spams coming in from it I got tired of it and made it private. I have not made an entry since. Hope the wind and rain stops over there and that you have some pretty flowers. My back is in such a way that I can't take care of flowers anymore. We did get in a few tomato plants but they will be late if they make it. Have a good weekend.
    Hugs, Helen

  3. Seems like just about everybody has quit posting, but like Ma, I'm still going at it. I hope you continue to post. I love the photo on top, would love that to be what I see every morning.
    Please stop by my Let's Chat blog sometime. My Johnny died several months ago so I got a little behind but am catching up. Take care.
    My link:

  4. :-) I'm here! Cheaper than therapy! Xo

  5. Hiya Jeannette!
    Why is it that a new year inspires one to have a clear out? I was looking through a box of bits of paper wondering what they were and found details of various websites I'd once belonged to - including this one. I have been away so long that I had forgotten all about blogspot and no idea of the p/w but here it was all written down, so stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year. Wonder who else is still around?


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