Thursday, 14 January 2010

Your Good Wishes Will Be Appreciated

I know that Guido has put out a Call For Support for me and I also thank Sugar for her kindness in e-mailing me.

I am not going to go into a lot of detail. Just to say I had my HB1C tests yesterday, the 13th January. I was told it would be two to three days before I heard anything.

I was very surprised and shocked then to receive a call from the surgery this morning saying that my results were back and an appointment had been made for me to see a doctor next Tuesday, the 19th. I queried why because I had expected to see the diabetic nurse as is usual after these tests and was told they were not at all happy with the results.

This doctor is new to the practice having only been there a month. He will know absolutely nothing about me and my particular problems like agoraphobia and anxiety and as you are usually only allowed a maximum of five minutes it does not give a lot of time for talking.

As far as I know I am on maximum tablet medication. I fear what the next step will be.

To say I am upset and more than a little frightened is an understatement. We still have stress with my brother who is getting worse and worse. Even as recently as Sunday we had a call from someone who had been trying to ring him all day only to receive no answer. Mike had to pop down there. I had visions of my brother being found dead on the floor. As it turned out, he had slept all day which is what he does mostly and had not heard the telephone. We do know for him though, that it is only a matter of time. His conditions are incurable so we know we are going to have more stress and upset there in the not too distant future.

We have had the most stressful four months possible. Stressful even for people who have no health problems. This is the last thing I needed and now I have the added wait until next Tuesday. I am not ashamed to admit I have been crying most of the day. I had so hoped this year would be different for me, much less stress and worry but it seems, alas, it is not to be.

Well, maybe God will provide a miracle. I can but hope.


  1. Sending up prayers Jeannette that your blood work won't be as bad as you fear it will be. Also sending up prayers for your brother that his health will get better soon. Hugs, Helen

  2. I've been thinking of you, Jeannette. Please don't get too stressed about seeing the doctor. Maybe it's better that you see a doctor instead of a nurse. Maybe this new doctor will be better than you expect and I'm sure he will have read all your notes before you going to see him. Above all, don't get stressed about the five minutes' rule. From my experience, most doctors take some extra time if they haven't finished discussing with the patients and they won't dimiss you until you are satisfied. I'm sorry about your brother and I understand how stressful it must be for you, but again please try to concentrate on yourself and to keep calm and relax. Listen to some relaxing music and rest. Big hugs. Ciao. A.

  3. Oh I`m so sorry to hear your news Jeannette, I was hoping all would be well when you had your results. Perhaps the worry of your brother is making your blood sugars react badly at the moment. I hope and pray your appointment will go well for you. Also I hope your brother`s health improves soon.

    Love and Hugs

    Sandra xxxx

  4. Don't loose hope. Things always look the darkest when we don't know what is going on...Hopefully this new doctor will be a kind and caring soul that will ease your fears. As always you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. I am very sorry to hear of this adversity, Jeannette. I do hope that whatever message the new doctor has to convey will be brought with the necessary empathy. Wishing you and Mike strength,


  6. Dear Jeanette, I am sorry that you have had a call so soon after having your bloods taken. and have to see the Dr. however if it had been really really bad you would have had to see him at ONCE and not wait. I do hope that a new an improvment, perhaps as it is just Thurs. now you could write him a letter before you go so he could read it and understand your situation.before you get there ? I am sorry you have all the worry about your brother as well...but please look after yourself, no use the two of being worse at same time
    Love Sybil xx

  7. im sorry jeannette,but new dr.may well be a blessing for he is new,he may well want to meet and discuss your meds.with for 5 minutes,im sure it will be longer if needed.dont worry about things before you know the details.hope all goes well for you,you take care,love mort xxx

  8. we've already discussed all this in our emails back & forth. so, i'll just leave you prayers are with you, it may not be so bad, try not to worry. {{{ }}}

  9. every time the
    phone rings
    I say
    hope it isn't bad news
    that wasn't fair
    of them to
    tell you that
    then, make you wait
    I said a
    prayer for you, Jeannette

  10. Oh dear Jeannette it is such a lot to cope with just your own your condition let alone your brother on top.Then having to worry about the Doctor.Have you thought of writing a letter to the Doctor and addressing it to him personally so he could read how you are feeling and that you didn't feel you would have the time to say all you wanted during an appointment.He could then read this in his own time.Theres nothing lost and on reading I am sure he would see your concern and understand.I am so sorry to read all this.With all our prayers lets hope things soon improve.My prayers for all of you and your Brother.Take Care God Bless Kath.xx

  11. I know it is very stressful to go through a close relatives health problems when they get severe, let alone worry about your own. Praying for your calm and peace in facing the future.

  12. my A1C is always higher, much higher, than it is supposed to be. so i know your anxieties here. i always fear that the next time will be shot time. but i have to know that God is watching over me, and He will continue to do so.

    i pray you get good results, but if you have to move forward in your treatment, God will supply you with the strength to cope and deal. i believe in miracles, and pray you will get yours that day.

    you are greatly loved on this site and prayers abound that you will have a healthy 2010.



  13. It's true, under stress your sugars may be off and you have been under a lot. Many times our patients will need shots of insulin for a little while after a surgery and then go back to their oral medications. I will keep you in my prayers..

  14. Hi Jeannette
    Maybe the stress and worry of your brother's health is affecting you. Try not to worry too much (I know it is hard not to) and I pray that when you attend your appointment, the news is not as bleak as you fear. Take care. Eileen x

  15. Keep the faith Jeanette, it doesn't do you any good to be this stressed out dear, won't help you health wise. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  16. it could be as simple as the new doc wanting to get to know you..

    you will be in my prayers dear one..useless as it is me telling you please try not to work yourself up about it...

    hugs from across the pond...

  17. Oh Jeanette, I wish I could take away all the stress for you... just wait and see what the doctor has to say... and we are all right here with you.... always special thoughts... :)

  18. Sending prayers and good thoughts across the pond to you. Remember that as a child of God..he goes with you, even to doctor appointments. {{{hugs}}} Linda in Washington state

  19. I know how stressful being uprooted from one doctor to another is. I hope this new fella will be kind and understanding to you. Concentrate on getting your emotions in check, to help stabalize the blood sugar. Try to do things that will relax you. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

  20. Dear Jeannette as Lyn says it may just that the Doctor wants to meet you in person as he is new .All good wishes and prayers for you anyway Jeanxx

  21. I know worry affects diabetes. So, so sorry this is going on right now. You are in my constant prayers... Love, Val xox

  22. Hi
    Try and keep your chin up jeannette I know its hard but my hubby had the very same thing you just had. Max tablets blood test call from hospital went for the appointment and they have put him on a Byetta Injection 2 x 5 micrograms daily for 1 month increasing to 2 x 10 micrograms he started on these injection on Tue. Not nice at the moment takes about 2 weeks to kick in but supposed to be better than Insulin. Just hope it works for him. And hope everything goes well for you to.

  23. Jeannette, this is certainly upsetting. I think waiting for the news is worse than actually getting it. Once you know facts, you can figure out how to deal with the situation. I'm sending all good wishes your way. Linda in DC

  24. Well dear I am so sorry to hear of this and I will be keeping you in my Prayers for sure. I would be upset too, take a deep breath and stay positive. I'll be looking for any updates. Sending you my love & Prayers.

  25. I'm so sorry that your are going through this much stress. I'm sure everything will be fine.

  26. Dear Jeanette,
    Many thanks for your sweet Merry Christmas on my blog!
    I just learned of your problem adn your brother's problem. I will pray for you both> What is your brother's name?
    Jeanette God gives us many miracles and even as I am sitting ehre tonight I myself cannot tlel you about allof them that I ahve witnessed.
    Keep the Faith and hugggggggggggs
    p.s. when you get a chance I would love it if you would write about your hopes for this year and your thoughts about Haiti (two separate entries) in my journal.
    Please write me back on my blog and keep me abreast of how you are you have an email address?
    love and hugs, natalie
    p.s. the expression is: Expect a miracle


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