Sunday, 3 January 2010

A Quiet Start


I received this beautiful bunch of flowers, together with a card, on New Year's Day. They were from the daughter of one of our neighbours, Nellie, Mike has been getting her papers and bits of shopping for the several days that the roads were too icy for her to venture out. It was so unexpected but such a lovely gesture and so nice when people appreciate what somebody does for them. I pointed out to Nellie that it was Mike who had done it. "Oh yes, she said, but you allowed him to so you deserve them." Nellie and I have never met although she only lives two doors away. She is a very solitary lady who never mixes with anyone, but we do talk on the telephone.

It has been a quiet start to the New Year, nobody about much because of the cold weather. Yesterday Mike and I took all the decorations down. We used to leave it until twelth night as it is traditional to do so, but that makes everything such a last minute rush. It seems a bit bare without them. It is not so much the decorations I shall miss as the lights. They gave such a warm glow in the evenings and it was nice just to watch t.v. by their light. As we had them in the hall, the lounge and the conservatory, it was cheery everywhere.

Still, I have been changing things around to makes things look a little different. One of my Christmas presents from Mike was two hanging baskets, full or artificial flowers. They match so we have hung them on the two cross beams in the conservatory. Together with the real and artificial plants we already have out there, we have quite an indoor garden. The baskets are red and pink Geraniums and Ivy.

Becky and the boys came over yesterday. I cannot believe how much they are growing up. They are at that cheeky stage now where they like to answer back and laugh. All children go through it. They are back at school tomorrow so Becky will get some peace.

Mike starts with the dentist again tomorrow. He has one or two broken teeth at the bottom and has decided by himself to go the whole hog, get them all taken out and a plate made. So that will entail several visits. Good job his got his eye operations out of the way last year. He is doing very well by the way. Still putting drops in and will have to for about three more weeks and has to go for a follow up appointment. It will be decided then if he needs spectacles for reading although his distance vision is absolutely perfect.

I have to ring the local clinic tomorrow to make an appointment for my diabetic blood tests. I must admit my stomach is going over at the prospect as when the results come through I will have to see the diabetic nurse I have not seen before and apparently she can be a right tartar.

The appointment is unlikely to be this week as you normally have to wait a few days through the blood clinic but more likely the week after this one. I run out of tablets in the meantime so shall just have to put in a prescription request and pin a note to it saying the appointment is made.
I do so hope all will be o.k.

Becky is also doing well after her ear operation. She had all the packing removed before Christmas and she can hear properly in that ear now. She also has a follow-up appointment soon.

So the year has started quietly and, to be honest, I hope it goes on that way after some bad years.

Of course my brother's health is deteriorating and his prospects are not good but at least we are aware of that. His wife remains in hospital and will never be able to return home so there could be some bad news on either of them this year. However, I hope for myself, Mike, Becky, Dean and the boys, it will be calm and smooth. That our problems will be few. I will not know until after the results of my diabetic blood tests.

You all know how traumatic things have been for us over the past couple of years with me, Daniel, Mike, Becky. So please keep your fingers crossed that it will be a far better and more peaceful year for us.

They forecast some snow showers here on Wednesday. Whether it happens remains to be seen but it is certainly very cold. I wonder what happened to global warming??

Until the next time, dear friends and readers.

P.S. I have now had to set my journal so that I approve all comments before they are posted due to a large amount of spam I recently received. I hope it causes you no problems.



  1. lets hope 2010 brings us all better news and a peaceful time jeannette.those hanging baskets sound good. are they convincing?some ive seen are obvious to be artificial.if they look real i got a place i would love have real as water would drip and make a mess.all the best in 2010,love mort xxx

  2. Hi Jeannette so pleased Mike and Becky are doing well ,hope your apointment goes well ,your flowers are lovely ,what a lovely gesture and Im sure Mike will enjoy them as much as you , Jan xx

  3. Lovely flowers, a nice surprise to start the New Year off. Good luck with making your appointment tomorrow and hope dad gets on OK with his first appointment at the dentist. Love B x

  4. I love the flowers and the picture on your header too. Makes everything look so cheerful. Here it is bleak and cold. Snow has been on the ground now for several days and it is below freezing so very cold out. This afternoon the sun popped out for a bit so it was a welcome sight. Glad all is going well with Mike and Becky. Try not to worry about the nurse...sometimes people that are so strict are a blessing in disguise as they are often more observant too. You and your family are always in my prayers.
    'On Ya'-ma

  5. Hi Jeannette, Hopefully this year will be a good one healthwise for you all. Special wishes to Mike for his dental treatment, at the end of it all he`ll have a lovely new smile. How lovely to get a bunch of flowers, its the special little things like that that make all the difference. Good luck with your appointment.

    Love and Hugs

    Sandra xxxx

  6. Beautiful flowers. That's great that Mike and Becky are both doing good. Good luck to you on your test and to Mike on his teeth extraction.
    I had several spams on the same day last week. It has happened before so I may have to do something soon. Hugs, Helen

  7. the flowers are beautiful! what a nice way to start 2010. a pleasant surprise is always welcome.:)
    happy to hear Becky & Mike are doing well. hope his dentist appt goes well too. { }
    hoping your appt goes well too.
    sorry re your brothers health, & his wife. {{ }}
    blessings to you & your home...

  8. lovely flowers..
    hope things remain calm and stable in your neck of the woods..
    good luck on your test..
    happy new ywar!

  9. Beautiful flowers indeed. here's hoping the quiet continues your way and mine May peace be with you always. hugz.

  10. Hi Jeannette, glad Mike and Becky are doing so well. Hope you blood test will be the same. Stuart has been a bit of a naughty today with his birthday cake but it is back to normal tomorrow. Love Joan.

  11. Thanks for the update Jeannette. It sounds like both Mike & Becky's surgeries were successful. I still have my little Christmas tree in the house, I'll put it back in the shed in a day or two. But I've decided to leave the icicle lights on the outside glowing until the end of January. Hoping to cut thru the January gloom. That's a lovely bunch of flowers...what a nice treat in the dead of winter. Linda in Washington state

  12. here's wishing you a nice quiet year! xo

  13. Hi Jeanette, oh how I've missed reading your blog! Love the flowers, what a thoughtful way to say thanks by your neighbor! I pray everything will go well with your test and your husband's dental work! God bless!

  14. jeannette, i always love your blog pic at the top. it always brightens my day.

    i have put you on my prayer list for the diabetes blood tests. and i sincerely hope and pray that your 2010 will be full of happiness and joys, not woes.

    and i understand about the spam. since my blog has sat for so long without an entry, they are starting to spam me too. i just delete.

    the flowers are beautiful and it was such a nice gesture. and she knows who rules the lol.

    have a blessed week.


  15. The flowers are so pretty. Hoping for a good 2010 for you.


  16. "Happy New Year " Jeannette and to all your family too.I hope the year continues to be a very peaceful quiet one for you with lots more of those lovely flowers soon in sight in your beautiful garden.Your hanging baskets sound lovely.OH!!Roll on spring and summmer what do you say? Brrrr it's freezing here and still snowing.Good luck with the test Jeannette,I will say a prayer the nurse is realy understanding and treats you very kindly as they should everyone.Happy to read Becky and Mike are doing well and well the boys you have to laugh at them sometimes even when they do get a little cheeky.He-He .Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  17. Glad Mike and Becky are doing well. Those flowers are beautiful and your hanging baskets sound lovely too.

  18. Good luck to Mike for the operation. I hope Becky continues to do well too. Nice to get it all over with at the start of the year! I often have fairy lights up all year, why not? They look pretty and I read a designer magazine where an interior decorator said she loves them so much she has them all over her house! Happy new year to all of your family! Jeannette xx

  19. Hi Jeanette and Mike, Glad that the new year has started of in the right mode...quietly...long may it last !!
    I am so pleased to read that Mikes eye op. went well and also Becky's ear op. Thats two less things for you to worry about...
    I am sure your blood test will be ok. Some people are forever complaining about new nurses or Dr/s just because they are not the same as the "old" one..just give her time to relax into the job and I am sure she will be just fine. Give her one of your smiles and you will have her eating out of your hand
    Praying as always for a great year for you all
    Love Sybil xx

  20. Hi Jeannette so pleased to hear Mike and Becky are doing well .Hope your appointement goes well ,and you find the new nurse nice .What a lovely surprise those pretty flowers,Yours and Mikes kindness appreciated.Love and hugs ...Jeanxx

  21. Jeannette! I hope the new year brings good health and peace to your family! Julie

  22. Glad to hear that Mike's operation went well. Enjoy your week.

  23. What a lovely gesture from your neighbours and well deserved by yourself and Mike. Wish you all the best to you, Mike and all your lovely family. Bless you. A.

  24. Sorry to hear of the health issues with your brother and his wife and I hope that things get easier for them. I am glad to hear that Becky is doing so well and hope you have, at least, managed to get a diabetic appointment. Has the snow bypassed you? I hope so as up here we have had 8 inches overnight and during the morning. Our buses have been suspended, the local Co-op closed (never been known before) and many people unable to get into work. Peter doesn't work on Tuesdays usually, so he is hopeful that tomorrow brings some good news, weatherwise, but we are not hopeful. I hope there is some good news on the way for all of us. Take care Jeannette and stay safe. Eileen x

  25. I certainly do hope you have a very peaceful and happy year!

  26. Hi Jeannette. Some people leave their Christmas lights up all year round. Living alone I don't have any colorful lights. I sort of wish I did. I might leave them up all the time.



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