Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Tuesday Tidings


It is raining again. After a reasonable day yesterday, the dark clouds are back and we have had a couple of heavy showers.

I did actually manage to get an hour sitting in the garden the other day, one of the very few hours out there this year. We need the sun to build us up for the winter but that is the way it goes, nothing can be done about it.

Some of you know that Dean's Dad was due to have major surgery today. Well, they got him ready and then an unfortunate thing happened. The anaesthetist fell and broke his leg. The operation has had to be postponed until Thursday. I do feel for them, it must be so stressful.

Becky had an appointment herself yesterday at the Ear, Nose and Throat clinic at our local hospital. It transpires that she will need surgery on her ear at some point in the not too distant future. If she does not have it, the condition will only worsen. She does not want me to go into details and I respect her wishes.

Mike sees his eye consultant again in a couple of weeks. He will be having more extensive tests and will be unable to drive so Becky will be taking him to the hospital and also collecting him. We do not know how long after that he will have to wait for his eye surgery.

One way and another our family is keeping the hospital busy but I wish it was not the case. We have had enough of it one way and the other.

As for our neighbour, he remains in hospital. His eldest daughter did call to see us yesterday and says he has a couple of infections and is on antibiotics. She does not know how long they will keep him in and he will also be undergoing some mental health checks in the near future. She was very grateful for all we have done.

Other than that, there is little to write about. I have been doing quite a bit of reading and when not actually reading I am often listening to talking books. I have always been a bibliophile.

Maybe when I write my next entry, I will post one of my ghost stories.

The skies have just opened again. Time for a nice cup of tea.

Until the next time, dear friends and readers.



  1. Nice to see another post from you so soon. I will be be praying for all those in your family with those medical problems. When we have our health we just don't know how very fortunate we are. It is the same here today very dark dreary and soon to be very wet too. I have been trying to soak up all the sun I can get but its been difficult to get it. The weekend ahead is looking to be rain free so maybe I'll have 3 days of sunshine to bath in. Enjoy your tea!

    'On Ya'-ma

  2. I will be offering up prayers for all in your family who are under the care of the hospital. Our miserable weather seems to be covering the whole of the country at the moment. We have been back from holiday for two weeks and have to say we haven't seen much sun at all. What happened to the lovely summer that the Met Office predicted????? Eileen x

  3. I have been happy with our cooler then average weather right now as it is more to my liking, mid 80's. Usually it is very hot and humid. Sorry about all the medical issue's going on right now. Hope they get straightened out quickly.

  4. Hi Jeannette ,I meant to say that it was a good job Jack was barking to alert you to Charlies condition ,its marvellous dogs know when something wrong !!!Well done to Mike too.
    Do hope all goes well for the people who need hospital care .
    It rained here earlier but hoping the washing I put on the line later has dried.
    Love Jeanxx

  5. I would love to hear what some of your favorite books are/have been throughout your life. I think I have been keeping my doctors busy as well. Oh my. Take care, dear one... Love, Val xox

  6. Sending up prayers for all your family members who are facing surgery. That pink rose is perfect. Beautiful. Hugs, Helen

  7. How awful for Deans Dad ,after getting himself phsyced(sp)! up for his op only for it to be cancelled ,hope all goes well for Mike and Becky,it has rained on and off all day today here too..love Jan xx

  8. My goodness your family is having its share of medical crisis at the moment. I will be certain to keep everybody in my Prayers. Too bad it has been so dismal that you've only enjoyed your garden a few hours. As you say, what can one do though. Take good care and I hope everyone is feeling better and gets their needed procedures taken care of soon.

  9. I`m so sorry to hear of the medical problems your family has been facing of late, its such an awful worry for you all. I hope and pray all will be taken care of soon. Take care.

    Love and Hugs

    Sandra xxxx

  10. Special thoughts for you and yours....
    Have a nice quiet day relaxing... :)

  11. Hi Jeanette, As I said I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers, you certainly seem to have had more than your fair share of hospitals lately. Mind you we must be thankful for our NHS whatever it's failures it is alwasys there for us when we need it most.
    Rain here as well...all day today...Still looks like it is going to dry up tomorrow and better next few days. We hope for a dry day at least on Thursday when we will go to the Bristol Balloon Festival.
    Much Love Sybil x

  12. I hope the week brings your family some relief! Looking forward to one of your ghost stories! :) Julie

  13. Everyone get well soon! hope you have a relaxing day!


  15. Rain ??? We need it here~please send all you can spare. We've had 1/4 inch only in the last 76 days. Absolutley love your header picture! That's one thing I love about Blogger is that it can be easily changed. I change mine every 7-10 days. Linda in Washington state

  16. will cont to send up prayers for those of your family that need them, also for your neighbor.
    have a nice cuppa tea.

  17. i always love your pictures. the ones at the top are always so beautiful. and your roses are such gorgeous bursts of color. sorry it has rained so much. i love rain, but enough is enough, lol.



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