Thursday, 16 July 2009

Results Of My Recent Poll + Other Things


Another lovely day here but I guess we had better make the most of it. They have forecast extremely heavy rain and thunderstorms in our region as of tomorrow and the weekend outlook is not good.

Becky and family are setting off tomorrow for a week in Norfolk so I do hope the weather picks up for them. They are leaving as soon as the boys get home from school. Hard to believe it is the end of Nathan's first year and that Daniel will not attend pre-school anymore. Come September he will be joining his big brother at school although not, of course, in the same class. How time flies.

Nathan has already attended his end-of-year disco and won a prize for his dancing. That boy loves to bop!! Daniel has a picnic today with all those who will be leaving and going on to school so I am glad the weather is good.

I would like to thank all of you who took part in my recent poll on what you hate the most. I had not created one in a long time and it was nice to know that you still enjoy them. The poll is now closed.

Here are the results:-

Street Crime 20 votes
Inconsiderate Drivers 11 votes
Rude Shop Assistants 7 votes
Litter On The Streets 6 votes
Reality T.V. shows 5 votes
Call Centres 5 votes
Politicians 2 votes
Celebrity Culture 1 vote
Red Tape 1 vote
Traffic Wardens - no votes.

Total votes 58.

It seems that both here and in other countries street crime upsets and worries people the most. It never used to be like this. How times have changed.

I am also glad that you enjoyed the ghost story I posted a couple of days ago. I know they used to be popular so I have another couple lined up for posting in the future if you would like to read them.

Well, I had better get off here and get some work done. There is nothing like a computer for eating up time.

Be well, dear friends and readers.



  1. Very interesting. I do worry about crime, although it wasn't my first choice. It was hard to pick just one, a few of them were close in my book! I had to giggle when you said Nathan won a prize discoing. How proud you must be! They do grow up so fast - too fast. You have a good rest of the week, honey. I am off to read your ghost story... Love, Val xox

  2. Interesting results on your poll. Hope your daughter and family have a great time in our favourite holiday county we usually get great weather there. The rain has just come on here but the washing was dry thank goodness. Have a good day have been reading another ghost story on twitter. Love Joan

  3. the poll was interesting.,..I sure wanted to post a couple of times...cant hardly wait to hear the next story...

  4. Yes Jeannette I do enjoy your Ghost stories ~ now looking forward to reading some more ~ The weather here in Norfolk has been quite good it is Sunny today hope it keeps up for Becky's holiday ~ How quickly the time flies it seems like only yesterday that Daniel started pre school ~ I found your Poll interesting ~ Ally x

  5. Hi Jeannette
    Thank for the poll and the ghost story..enjoyed both .Hope Nathan and Daniel settle into school in September ,we don't breakl up at our school until Wednesday .Hope Becky and family enjoy their holiday.
    Love Jeanxx

  6. Living in Philadelphia there is so much street crime happenings. Everyday the newspaper is full of crime, shootings, rapes, stabbings, murders. It's all we read about.
    Can't wait for some more ghost stories. Love reading them.

  7. I'm not surprised at the results of your poll. Although it is sad to think we all have that in common of all things. Hope your daughter and family enjoy their holiday. It is hard to believe time flies so fast. Your two grandsons are about the same age as a couple of mine and although I like to think of them as babies they are far from that. I am glad to hear that you are having some nice weather. I do hope the weekend weather isn't too bad for you. I'll be looking forward to more ghost stories.
    'On Ya'-ma

  8. I love your new look page ,I couldnt get to post on your questionare ,kept getting aborted !Yes please I enjoy your ghost storys so look forward to more Jan xx

  9. of course they will have a good time in norfolk i am looking out omy window at 8.30pm and it looks as tho we are due for a hell of a storm.hope it keeps fine for them.take care,love mort xxx

  10. I can't believe no one voted for Traffic wardens! It was hard to choose just one from the list! I like the new graphic at the top of your journal, very pretty. Thank you to your readers for their good holiday wishes - looking forward to a break away. Love B x

  11. I thought street crime would be top of the list Jeannette it is so worrying.Yes how time passes so quickly.I thinkonce the children start school the years fly by.Looking forward to more stories after my weekend break.It is pouring here tonight and yes given out for 4inches of rainfall tomorrow and high winds too.Good grief.I might have to cancel my mystery trip I don't fancy swimming home.I hope the weather is good for the family on there weeks holiday.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  12. I like to do the polls. I know street crime is bad everywhere but the litter is a pet peeve of mine 'cause we could all help that if everyone would.

  13. I am looking forward to more of the ghost stories. Well done to your little dancer, perhaps he'll be famous one day for his dancing! Interesting poll results. I suppose if I lived on a street or near people that would be a concern but since I am, to borrow your title, outside looking in...litter is my issue. I do hope the weather is nice for the family vacation.

  14. When we were outside of Chicago the rest stops had emergency police call buttons with flashing lights ect. I am happy to live in a smaller town because of it. We have crime but not in such a large scale.

  15. Hi Jeannette,

    I hate to say it but crime does worry me. I really liked your poll and your ghost story. I hope that the trip with Becky and her family will be taking will be nice for them.

    I am glad you are still around. Its always nice to visit. Your blog is so much better than mine is but I try. Thanks for sharing your life with us. Take care.


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