Wednesday, 24 June 2009

We Love Our Grand-dad!


It was a lovely day on Sunday but then every day is a lovely day when we see our Grandsons. Obviously we do not see them so often these days so really notice the change in them each time.

It was so heartwarming when they individually handed a present to Mike and said "Happy Father's Day, Grand-dad" and when Mike thanked them they said "You're welcome". Bless them.

Mike had some nice presents including a couple of pairs of shorts. He actually got the chance to wear a pair yesterday as it was quite warm and they were promising a heatwave for this week. Today, however, there is such a strong wind that it keeps slamming the doors and windows so he is back in trousers.

Anway the day was lots of fun and the boys kept us entertained I can tell you. It seems amazing that Daniel starts full-time school in September and Nathan will have completed his first year. From September, the learning really begins as the first year was very much play related. Now he will have to knuckle down. He just took part in his first Sports Day and did well.

We discovered on Monday that Mike will have to go into hospital for surgery. We do not know when. At the moment we are awaiting an appointment for a consultation with a specialist. When he had his eyes tested last year, the optician was concerned about something at the back of one of his eyes. Well, apparently it has grown much worse. Some sort of cataract the optician thinks but we will know more when he has had more tests. Poor Mike, it will only be the second time he has been in hospital but he has been told it will definitely mean surgery. I know he is worried because he will not discuss it.

Going to be difficult with the dogs because I cannot take them out but, no doubt, we will manage somehow. Your prayers for him would be very appreciated. We are hoping that he does not have to wait too long and we can get this out of the way. The last few years have been nothing but medical appointments, operations, treatments etc. We both need a break from it. A few months when everything goes right.

Well, that is about all from me for now. We have a birthday coming up in a few short days so I will be doing another entry then.

In the meantime, wishing you all well and hoping that life is being kind to you. God bless.

Love Jeannette



  1. Hi Jeannette, I'm sorry that Mike needs surgery now. I'm praying it will be soon and he can put it behind him. Nathan and Daniel are so sweer, they've grown up so fast too! I was getting that error message all the time on Internet Explorer so I downloaded Firefox, don't know why I didn't do it ages ago, it's brilliant ~ so fast and no being kicked offline or freezing, the whole site is so easy to navigate too! Jeannette xx

  2. Tell Mike not to put off that surgery. Might be more than just a cataract. We have Firefox too. I don't have any problems with it. I hope the weather improves. We are having warm weather too. I am enjoying it for now. Hope it helps the veggies grow! Linda

  3. I was just going to tell you that I'd not been having any problems lately with viewing journals and then I was unable to leave a comment on yours. Well here I am with a second try and hopefully you will get it this time. I love the picture of Mike and the boys. It is a good one for sure. You both will be in my prayers with the upcoming surgery. I'm afraid the older we get the more surprises like that one we'll be getting. I am so very thankful when I have a good day. Take good care my friend.
    'On Ya'-ma

  4. What a lovely picture of the boys with their Grandad, they all look so close and happy and I am glad that Mike had such a lovely day. There is no need to ask for prayers - indeed I still say them for you all - and I hope that Mike's surgery is a complete success. There is no point my saying "don't worry", because worry you will because that is the natural instinct. I know everything will be alright, just you see. Eileen x

  5. So pleased you mentiomed the problem with Internet explorer,I get that too,thought it was my PC ! sorry PC ,and the only way is to shut down completely and start up again Bahh grr !Lovely picture of Mike and the boys who really are grown up now ,where are the babies you used to show us on your journal ?lol both at School,we have seen these two gropw up havent we ? So sorry to hear about Mike ,will keep him in my prayers Jan xx PS.. Keep meaning to say I love your picture at the top ,I adore poppies and cornflowers xx

  6. Jeannette it is a lovely picture of Mike and the Boys and my how they are growing up into two lovely young men ~ Hope Mike gets his consultation soon and dosn't have to wait too long for his surgery ~ keeping him in my thoughts and prayers ~ Ally x

  7. Hi Jeannette, How much the kids have grown, really incredible! Great you had a lovely day on Father's Day! Sorry about Mike. Hope it won't be anything serious and he can get home quickly. Pity we don't leave near you. My daughter and I would love to take the dogs for a walk. Bless you both. Ciao. Antonella


  9. Hi Jeannette ,sorry to hear Mike needs an operation ,hope it goes well for him .I went to my grandaughters school sports day last week .It will be nice for Nathan when Daniel starts school in September .They look so happy with their grand dad Jeanxx
    I have been having trouble leaving messages too

  10. (((Jeannette)))
    I'm so sorry to hear about the need for surgery. You two truly need a break. I'm sure that somebody has already suggested this, but it there a dog shelter or community effort of somekind that would help with dog walking for you? There might be some information on or I hope this helps. I know in the UK (depending on our area) they do offer these service for the disabled or older people at no charge or a sliding fee. I hope this helps and that I didn't over-step my bounds here.
    I'm saying my prayers for a speedy recovery and for your sweetie to get well soon :)

    Thank you so much for your kind comments today--so very sweet of you :)
    Big Hugs, Gayla

  11. So sorry to hear Mike is in need of surgery will keep him in my prayers. My hubby is waiting too it takes so long though. Glad you had a lovely Sunday. Love Joan.

  12. Hi Jeannette,
    I`m sorry to hear that Mike is to have eye surgery, hopefully it will all be over soon and he will be back home with you. I shall say a prayer for him and my thoughts are with you both.

    Nathan and Daniel look so grownup now and they look much more alike than they used too. Of course, Roman will also be starting school full time in September, it`s hard to believe isn`t it?

    Love and Hugs

    Sandra xxxx

  13. great pics jeannette,sorry about mike but if it is a cataract,its day procedure usually,in fact my neighbours dad 79 just had his done,all ov 11 minutes,out in hour and half after.take care,in my thoughts,mort xx

  14. Hello Jeannette and Mike,
    Yes make sure hubby does whatever the specialist want. My Chuckie is having trouble with one eye and the drops he has been taking has brought down the pressure but he goes back next month to see the Opthomologist who specialises in glaucoma.
    I have these darned vitreous detachments in my eye and so I have to be care of no detached retinas....
    Growing old sometimes is not that much fun.


    ALBERTA Lori

  15. Love the pic of Mike and the boys. They look so happy. I will definately put him in prayers. I have to say I love the pic of you under the clock on the side bar. You look fantastic. I love your smile. We're having weather in 90's. My Jim went and bought a pool big enough for us to get into. Believe me I will be in it, lol.

  16. My prayers go out to Mike and to you for peace.That God will keep his hand upon you. Glad you to spend time with your grand kids.Also that my little joke put a smile on your face.I agree.its time for a few good months.(no stres)
    Keep us posted

  17. These boys are so lovely Jeanette, You are so lucky to have them. Please try not to worry to much about Mike. He is in our prayers and I am sure they will not keep him hin hospital for long especially when they know the situation at home. And at least you have the garden for the dogs to go and run around in for a few days.. So please try not to worry.
    Much Love Sybil xx

  18. Loved the picture of the kids with their Grandpa, adorable. Mike will be kept in my thoughts and prayers dear as will you. Know we all care about you and yours.

  19. Hi Jeannette,

    I love the pics of Mike and the boys. I hope you are all well today. It has been warm in Atlanta, Georgia. I wanted to send you a link to my journal here ---> Do feel free to come by and say hello. I do enjoy reading your journal. Take care

  20. Sorry to hear about Mike's surgery, sending best wishes to him. Love the photo of Mike and his grandsons they all look very handsome. I'm now following you on Twitter.

    Take care


  21. surgery is no fun. i am very sorry. the boys are so handsome and BIG!

  22. Sorry to hear Mike has to have surgery. Great pic of him and your grandsons! Sending prayers your way!

  23. So sorry to hear this, I will surely keep each of you in my Prayers.


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