Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A terrible tragedy + Playing Games


A beautiful sunny day here today, chilly but nice and bright. Most of our trees have lost their leaves now apart from the conifers. The birds, which seemed to have disappeared over the last couple of months, are once more flocking back to the feeders and the fat balls.

Yesterday, two men were convicted of the torture and death of a seventeen-month old baby boy. The mother cannot be named. Why the hell not? She knew full well what was going on, she even smeared the boy's face with chocolate to hide his injuries. She neatly folded his blood stained clothes and put them away in drawers as if they were the laundry.

His abusers were the mother's boyfriend and the male lodger. It is all the more horrific because this child had been on the child protection list for many months. He had been seen by over sixty professionals. Sometimes these professionals visited the home twice a week. Every time they believed what the mother told them about what injuries could be seen. How can people be so totally blind? On his last admission to hospital, his broken spine and broken ribs were missed by the examining doctor. It is beyond belief. This doctor has had 25 years experience in tending to sick children but says that abuse never crossed her mind as "it is unheard of" in her Country.

For God's sake, how do you explain ripped out fingernails, the tip of one finger missing. I despair over our care system. Because they chose to be taken in by the mother, this dear little child's agony and abuse went on and on unchecked. He eventually died with a broken spine, broken ribs and many injuries to his face and head. His death was actually caused by a brutal punch to the face.

The mother had twice been arrested on charges of child abuse but the proceedings had been dropped! Why did this not make the professionals suspicious? Why on earth did they do nothing? Child abuse makes my blood boil. How can a child aged less than two defend himself? How can any child defend themselves? He would not even have been capable of telling what was happening to him. He was "trained" to drop his head at the sound of one of his abusers clicking his fingers, he was treated like a dog - no, worse than a dog.

God rest his little soul. He must have known such terror and such agony in his seventeen months of life. Well, I hope heads will roll over this. Our child agencies should have protected him, they failed and his life was lost.

Of course, the excuses are being pulled out. All the professionals trying to cover their own tracks. The boyfriend stated he was bullied as a child (so was I) and has been treated for alcoholism. Oh dear, poor him. He chose to drink, nobody made him. I am sure nobody held him down and poured alcohol down his throat for weeks on end. Does this give the right to a six foot four inch tall man to systematically torture a tiny child? No!

The boyfriends seems to have been into violence. The home was full of nazi memorabilia and many weapons. He also kept a Rottweiler dog and allowed the dog to bite the boy as it appears from some of the wounds. The house was filthy and alive with fleas.

I called him a man. That is an insult to all men. This is no man. This is a gutless coward, a sadistic bully who has no place in a decent society. I could use much stronger language.

Apparently the mother spent most of her time in computer chat rooms. It would seem that she has not been charged with anything. The two men are awaiting sentence. Well, I hope they throw the proverbial book at them and they have it very tough in prison. I hope some of the professionals lose their jobs. This dear little boy would have been alive today if they had done what they are there to do - protect the CHILD.

Anyway, on to brighter things. The family were over last Saturday. They brought with them their Wii machine. Now, I had heard of them but never seen one. What fun we had. Everything was plugged in and on went the t.v. We started with a game of go-kart racing. Naturally, I spent most of the time off the track! Nathan never stays there, he much prefers to drive through flower beds or into the lake, accompanied by great gales of laughter.

Then Dean had a couple of bouts of boxing. He won the first game but in the second got beaten by a female opponent. The star of the day was Mike at ten-pin bowling. Having never used one of these gadgets before, he lined himself up, took aim with his handset and scored three strikes in one game (a turkey) and ran up an amazing score. Only problem is, just like the computer, you can lose track of time. Four hours of games went by in a flash. It was lovely to be doing something all together and to have such fun. Becky uses it at home for doing fitness workouts. Yes, we would love one but the old purse will not allow.

Time to get the washing out of the machine. At least it can hang outside, with a stiff breeze it should be dry in no time. I must try to stick to my good intentions and not spend the whole day on here again!

Hope your week is going well, dear friends and readers.



  1. This curdled my stomach.. how awful..that poor wee soul.

    love your signature!! you are so clever!!

  2. Jeannette, It is appalling that something like that could happen to a child. Those people are cold hearted killers. That mother should be charged with the exact same thing, because she did nothing to protect that baby!
    Glad you had a good time with your family... the boys are precious!

  3. Good Morning Jeannette I heard that story last night on the news at teatime it was so awful and to think it was in the same area of the little girl that was killed not so long ago.It is in the same council area, have they not learn anything from that. I think you have maybe given you family ideas for Christmas. My washing is out too today did the beds so fingers crossed it will stay sunny. Have a nice day. Love Joan.

  4. Hi Jeannette, I couldn't believe it when I heard the news! I felt so sick that I had to switch the TV off. Also I did not want my daughter to hear. This is beyond belief. I would have never thought that something like this could happen in a civilized place like Britain!
    Glad you had fun with the boys. My family is "addicted" to Wii! I got it as a present for my birthday by everybody else seems to use it except me! Have a nice day. Ciao. Antonella

  5. i have always said that just because someone can have a baby doesnt make them a mother. I blame the mother! Poor poor child, Im sure God has his hands on him now. Thanks for keeping us aware that this happens still in this day and age.
    Ive heard alot about the wii... too much for my blood still...

  6. That is a bad thing happened to that poor boy. That system that was supposed to be checking on him was NOT doing their job. Poor excuse for a DR also.
    I have never played that Wii game but have read where it is so much fun.It's a cloudy day here with rain expected but the weather has been beautiful though. We need the rain badly. Hugs, Helen

  7. The story about the child is horrible and heartbreaking. No child should ever have a life like that. I pray for children everywhere. Aren't we blessed to have loving families that care. That game you played is a favorite in my family too. One of my sons has it and brings it along when we get together. Old and young all enjoy it. Glad you have some sunshine today. Gloomy one here. 'On Ya'-ma

  8. when something like this happens, & sadly it does, it brings me to tears.
    at least this little one is no longer suffering the torture it went through here with people supposed to protect it. grrr
    God bless...

  9. Yet another failure of social services, the list mounts up. Something is very wrong - or the few failures are so glaring that they make the headlines. Awful in a word.

  10. I was sick to my stomach hearing about that baby. I agree with you that they should name the mother. How dare they protect her. Name and shame. I hope they all rot in hell for their part in this baby's horrendous short life. May he rest in peace. Love Pam xx

  11. How horrible. I'm never surprised though. Sickened. I've watched the US courts put a child back into the custody of his drug addicted mom. And that was after she tried to commit suicide in front of him. Horrible situation.

  12. the most evil thing ive seen in ages jeannette. that "mother" wants locking away. no parole. just lock it away. mort xx

  13. I saw this on the news Jeannette and couldn't believe it could happen again in the same area as a little girl died a few years ago ~ apparently they have learned nothing ~ the people responsibe for caring and protecting this little boy should lose their jobs ~ and that Mother should be locked away with those men and the key thrown away ~
    glad you had fun playing with your Wii ~ Ally x

  14. Such tragedy! news like this outrages me. the ignorance of people sometimes is beyond me. i just don't get what it will take for some people to wake up! thanks for the story!~kbear

  15. Oh, Jeannette, I can't imagine what would make an adult strike an innocent child... and to the point of killing that child??? This makes my stomach sick and my blood boil. May this child rest in God's arms. Hugs, Val xox

  16. Jeannette Ican see why the aMother wasnmt named ,she would be ripped to shreds as she deserved,HOW COULD THEY ?? !! what b*******s ,I dont envy them in prison ,when the other prisoners find out ,Yes those wii things are good fun arent they lol just like being here on line hee hee I posted again today Jan xx

  17. I was horrified Jeannette when I listened to this on the news yesterday.It beggars belief how anyone them can get away with harming children who are supposed to be under Social services suppervision orders.Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.As for the men and the Mother.Let the public have them anxd thats wouldn't be enough torture for them.Like you I could say much stronger things.Poor little might and so many loving couples wanting children to love and herish it sickens me so so much.Now as for the Wii they are brilliant my grandsons have one.Three cheers and congratulations to the bowling expert He-He.I am happy to read you had such fun.Whata great time you all sounded to have.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  18. At least 'Baby P' cannot be hurt anymore. May his innocent little soul rest in peace. Not only should they name and shame the Mother but also all those so called 'care workers' who paid so many visits, saw nothing wrong and now believe they have done nothing wrong. They have, they have played a part in his Murder and should be punished as so and at the very least, never, ever be allowed to work in 'children's care' for the rest of their lives. I am sorry Baby P you were failed in such an awful way.

  19. Reading the story of what happened to that child actually made me sick. Heads should roll and the mother, it sickens me to even use the word mother for her, should not be protected under any means. Her duty & obligation was to protect her son. I hope she and those evil men get whats coming to them ten fold. So many children slip through the cracks and it is heartbreaking. May he Rest in Peace.

    We have Wii and I love it. My mom and I did the Yoga and neither of us could move for two days!! I love the bowling too.

  20. I just don`t have the right words to express how I fely when I heard the news last night. Somehow even calling `it` an inhuman monster doesn`t seem appropriate. One of the things I couldn`t comprehend was that the poor bvabies bloodied clothes had been folded up neatly and put into a drawer...WHY??? Also that social services dropped an abuse case the day before he died...again why? And then, for legal reasons the perpetrators can`t be named! Well they should be named, just so that every prisoner in the land can give them both the welcome inside that they deserve.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  21. Awwwww Jeannette I watched that all in the news today also. It made me feel physically sick. I really cant get over it. That poor poor little mite. Im deeply saddened by it.

    We have a wii and Ive never really played with it much - but it is fun.
    Laine xx

  22. Just reading and hearing about this makes my heart just ache. No child or anyone should ever have to be put through such hell. I pray that
    those responsible for this pay with their life. Why oh why didn't Social Service do their job and protect that precious angelfrom his Mom and the abusers.

    Sounds like you and your family had a wonderful and fun game playing time when you all got together. Take care.

  23. Over morning coffee, we were greeted with the news that the same thing had happened to a 23 month old boy in Charoltte,'s everywhere!! I don't is a gift!

  24. And what country was this? What's really horrible is that things like this are going on every day everywhere. Very, very sad. The mother should be charged with something, and I hope all three of them are locked away.

    Glad you had a wonderful time with the family. We have a Wii, and I should play with the kids more often than I do. I do like the bowling game.

  25. I agree with every word you have written Jeannette and I too hope that heads will roll. Haringey Social Services should hang their heads in shame. I hope they are all sacked for taking away this little one's right to life. Eileen x

  26. It made me sick when Iread the details of the case, Harringey social services again, the very same who dealt with Victoria climbe, you can't tell me when social workrs did visit that they could see nothing wrong, they should lock them up and throw away the key.


  27. Sixty PROFESSIONAL'S??? No way! Something isn't kosher in Denmark, as my Gram would say! It's frightning whats happening in some peoples homes!

  28. My heart broke reading your post...what is wrong with people? How can they be so evil!

  29. I'm with you Jeanette, I do not understand it, and I am sickened by the people who are supposed to stop it yet stand by as the child suffers over and over again. The poor wee soul, probably all he ever knew was pain....I hope the angels are holding him close tonight.
    I'm so happy you were able to spend such fun with your family and the THAT'S how it's supposed to be! :)

    Pooh Hugs,

  30. Jeannete, I am with you, I don't call that abuser a man, but instead a sadistic bully. you are correct when you say he has no place in a decent society. And you're correct when you say the child protection workers should lose their job. Now I am sitting here wondering, how on EARTH that mother didn't get charged? If you can even call her a mother... I don't understand it...

    Now I would like to ask you about the Wii. It sounds like a blast, but do you have to be in really great shape to play with it, LOL? I don't think I would last too long!

    It sounds like an absolutely blast though. John was over here laughing as I read how Nathan liked to drive through the flower beds and into the lake and such, LOL.

    Okay, I must run. I need to get off of here.

    Krissy :)
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  31. I would find it very hard to not beat the crap out of that mother for months on end also. She knew and here she would have been charged also.

  32. We live in such a crewl world :( That is such a sad story. It amazes me that so many children suffer at the hands of adults. So, so very sad...

  33. This entry rendered me speechless and broke my heart.

  34. Anyone who hurts a child deserves to be severly punished to the point of death. I really think if they started killing these scum it might make someone think twice. I have no use whatsoever for anyone who harms a child...there is no excuse, and for me no forgiveness either....take care, love, Sandi

  35. Hi Jeannette,
    Ive not been able to read all of the things this poor little mite suffered as it upsets me to much, it beggers belief that yet again our so called child protection system have let another innocent babe,that suffered months of torture, slip through the net.
    If it was left to me I would make his abusers suffer the same treatement that they made him suffer then they would know the pain and agony that he must have suffered, and as for the monster that gave him life SHE IS NOT FIT TO CALL HERSELF A MOTHER,
    how could she sit back while her own flesh and blood went through months of abuse,

    The Dr that labled him a mardy baby and sent him home two days before he died should NEVER be allowed to carry on in the medical proffesion, her along with all the staff at the child protection agency who saw him yet belived the lies his mother told them should be sentenced to a long time in prison as they are just as guilty of his abuse in my eyes.

    I hope you are keeping well, and I hope you remember who I am, (old blogg welcome to my world) I've not been around for a while and just trying to find my way around the new blogg system, I keep toying with the idea of starting another new journal/ blogg again myself, but not quite got round to it yet.

    Take care hope to drop in again soon
    Love Lynne x

  36. my gosh, that poor baby boy. i sat here crying reading this. there is definately 3 spots in hell waiting for those gutless cowards. Godbless that sweet lil angel. ((((HUGS)))))
    Love ya,

  37. People like that shouldn't have any right to be alive. I know they're going to suffer in prison but they won't suffer as much as the child did. I've never seen a Wii, I think I spend too long on here anyway! Jeannette xx


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