Saturday, 29 November 2008

It's That Time Again

Yes, it is that time of year again. The time when we get our Christmas decorations out and start putting them up.
It has always been a tradition for us to get them up early in time for our Wedding Anniversary on the 5th. We started it for our first Anniversary together and it has been that way ever since.

We got off to a good start. Down came the bedroom and dining room curtains and, whilst I was washing them, Mike cleaned the inside glass. Then he put lights up around the windows before the curtains went back again. We had truly not been going to put lights up at the front this year owing to the horrendous price of electricity. But, then we thought of Nathan and Daniel and how excited and happy they would be. Also, if you remember, we had our new windows put in earlier this year and it did not seem right not to "christen" them. We will put them on for a shorter number of hours each evening. We need some cheer, what with the state of the world economy and the terrorist attacks in India, resulting in so many deaths.

We are unable to put outside lights up this year. Our old front door used to be wood with a wooden frame. Mike had drilled a hole for the electric cable to go through. This was plugged at other times of the year. However, we cannot make a hole in the PVC and have no outside junction box. I shall miss our icicle lights but there it is. I think we will be the only ones at this end of the street this year. Our neighbour on the left has recently come out of hospital after having his artificial hip removed and a new one put in place for the fourth time. He can do little. We are acting as his keyholder and have to let nurses and physiotherapists in. Mike gets his papers every morning and also bits of shopping. He does have family and also grandchildren who are in their teens but they hardly come near nor by.

Our neighbours on the other side always used to decorate their home as brightly as we did. They moved away yesterday, out of the blue. We were told the night before that they were going - told by their son. They are off to Cornwall. They left without even a goodbye. We did lots of things for them over the years, including taking in many parcels. When they first arrived I gave her untold plants for the garden. Oh well, that is the way it goes. The new owner is a woman on her own and I simply cannot see her doing anything much. We have not seen her and do not know even her name.

Our snowman, a stalwart of many years, will sit on the porch roof because Mike can take the cable under the roof tiles and plug him into the light socket in the loft. Luckily we have discovered "Snowy" will take a low energy light bulb.

So, off to a good start - then it all ground to a halt. Becky and the boys arrived unexpectedly so everything was put on hold. I was entertained by the boys with songs about how "Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney", "We wish you a Merry Christmas " and another song about a bear hunt. Daniel sang "Jingle Bells" over and over and everytime we clapped he said " Please! - I am not finished yet". Must have heard that song over twenty times.

They ended up staying for lunch. I would not have changed it for the world but we do need to get on now. The next bit is what I dread, getting all the boxes down from the loft and going through them to find what we need. We do label the boxes every year but, somehow, things seem to get from one box into another. I remember everything I need and ask "him indoors" to get this or that. His reply is always that he did not know we had one, he has never seen it, he has no idea what to look for. I cannot get into the loft. So, the bit I dread is that we usually end up with frayed tempers and raised voices and wishing we had never started.

Of course, it all gets sorted in the end. It is always the way that taking down decorations can be done in quite a short time but finding them and putting them up seems endless.

Becky and the boys left a little while ago, we have had time for our lunches to "go down" so now we must start. It is hard for Mike lugging the boxes down and I do not know how many more years we will continue to decorate, I suppose as long as we can. Once the boys are older, we will probably just have a small tree on the top of the t.v. There does come a time when you have to stop. It happened to my grandparents and my parents as it will happen to us. For the time being we will just be happy to see some pretty lights and some glistening decorations.

Becky will be bringing the boys over on the evening of our Anniversary and the lights will all be lit by then. I can hardly wait to see the look of wonder on their faces.

Well, I hear my name being called or rather "Are we going to do this or not?" My signal to beat a hasty retreat from the computer.
By the time all the boxes are down and sorted through, it will be too late to start putting them in place so it looks like an all day job tomorrow.

Have a happy weekend, my dear friends and readers.



  1. You got a lot done. I do understand about the electric bill but having the lights on for fewer hours sounds like a good idea.

    Sad, your neighbor did not bid you goodbye!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Hugs, Rose

  2. Oh Jeannette! I remember when I was your age, I was still `doing it', but we are shutting up like a telescope. Just a tiny tabletop tree, and rather a lot of holly - if the birds have left us any berries.
    Good for you, keeping your end of the street bright and welcoming. BTW aren't people weird sometimes; gratitude seems to be demeaning.

  3. even if you didn't get it all done, you got a start at it! :)
    sad neighbors didn't say goodbye, must've been something that happened in their lives to do that all so suddenly.
    have a good rest of wkend, busy I guess you'll be, lol.

  4. I am very excited this year for the holidays. We aren't going to Florida this year and most of the kids are very close by. The grandkids are getting big too & I am basically the grandma that likes to do all the fun stuff like see Santa!

  5. Wow, you both got a lot done and had company too from Becky and the nice. Our neighbors are not putting up lights lke they used to do outside...ours will only be on a couple of hours during the evening hours. Hope you all have a lovely weekend...hugs and love,

  6. Have fun with your decorations, I am a bit of a "Grinch" and leave things until a few days before!. Odd about your neighbours maybe the new lady will be nice when you meet her.
    Louise x

  7. I have to admit that I always leave the decorations to bryan Jeannette.
    He is besotted with them and likes to set them up himself.
    I enjoyed your videos and look forward to seeing more of your photos of this year. It is nice to keep up the tradition each year.
    Stay the way I am glad you got an 'All Clear' from Casper when you visited him recently. Good luck with your oncologist when that time comes too.
    Jeanie xxx

  8. I would have loved to hear the boys singing. Sounds as if they had a good time. We probably won't put up any decorations this year or very few if any. Physical disabilities makes a lot of difference. I may just end up with another surgery close to that time anyway. Anything to help with this pain. I am hoping you two are still on good terms when all the decorations are up.
    That is a shame that the family doesn't care for their family member that lives close to you. That is so good of Mike to help him out like that. Hugs, Helen

  9. Jeannette have fun sorting out your decorations ~ we don't put ours up until about a week before the big day ~ I too would love to see the look on the Boy's faces when they see yours all lit up ~ How odd your neighbours moved without saying goodbye ~ Ally x

  10. I can't even get my husband to get the tree out, lol. I did get my Christmas cards so will start working on those. I usually do a Christmas newsletter, not sure if I will get that done or not.

  11. I'm planning on bringing in my tree this weekend. And I asked Bob if he'd put the outdoor lights up this year. I haven't had them up for a couple years now. Each year the boys will get more excited about the holidays...until they become teens ~ then it will sort of fade other than wondering what mom & dad and grandpa & grandma are getting them for presents. Sad but usually true. Hope you take some pictures of your decorated home. Linda in Washington state

  12. We will not be putting our tree up for another couple of weeks yet. We bought a fibre optic tree a couple of years ago and it does save an awful lot of work. It was Stuart that always did the tree and it just got too much for him. Glad you had an nice visit from the family. Love Joan

  13. Hi Jeannette, I'm sure your decorations will be worth all your efforts. Just think of the boys' faces when they see them! My husband does not like Xmas decorations. I have even to "battle" to get him to fetch them down from the loft. I'm not venturing up there...there might spiders or else! Have a nice Sunday. Ciao. Antonella

  14. It is a joy to decorate for the little ones and see their smiling faces. It won't be long and those boys will be able to help you tote things from the loft. I so wish all of mine were close enough to visit and just drop by and sing songs. I do love it when we can be together. I've just spent the 2nd most exhausting week of my life and don't know yet when I'll get the energy to much of anything. I'll get the Advent wreath out tomorrow and put a Christmas Wreath on the door to start. The rest will wait abit.
    'On Ya'-ma


  16. You are putting me to shame, I've not yet even thought about decorating. Perhaps tomorrow. I'm sure your grandsons do look forward to the lights, they are so magical and add just the right touch to the holidays. The photo is gorgeous! I hope you don't overdo.

  17. I was at a friend's house today, and she actually got a Christmas card already!! I hope to get some decorating by next weekend---I can't believe December is just around the corner!! I hope you are having a great weekend! Julie

  18. Very well done getting ready ,well thats the first step isnt it ? we went to a family party yesterday and some of us 'the thrifty ones'exchanged Christmas cards to save on postage ,yes its worth all the hard work just to create all the magic awe and wonder for your little ones ,who dont stay little for long Jan xx

  19. I suppose that now Thanksgiving is over, I will have to bring our tree out of the basement. I must be careful where I put it this year on account of Speedy. He is so inquisitive.

    Right now I am procrastinating by telling myself that I really need to get my Christmas cards addressed and stuffed. However I really should get the presents already bought wrapped and boxed to send. Yet there's the tree and decorations. Wait, I need to clean up the (minimal) mess from Thanksgiving. No, I need to get to the stores to replenish our milk and bread supplies. It's too early in the morning for that, so I should get started on my Christmas cards....

    ;^) Jan the Gryphon

  20. Your very organised, I doubt many will have lights outside this due to the cost, but it's nice to see people make the effort, glad you had a good visit with Becky and the boys they'll be excited next week when they see all the decorations up.

    Take care



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