Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Another Award!

I was made very happy a short while ago. Cindi presented me with an award. She thinks I am an "undercover" author. If only! I have had three poems published but that is the extent of it. Thank you so very much Cindi, I so appreciate it.

Now, once again it is my turn to hand the award on. I am going to pick different people from the last time except for one.

Here are the rules:-

1- Post the award on your journal.

2. - Link back to the one who nominated you.

3. - Link back to the originating post for a list of rules.

4. -Give this award to 5 other people that you feel fit the criteria for this

Here are my choices. Firstly, the person I nominated before. He feels he has been given enough awards but I do hope he will accept this one.

Guido In my opinion he is genuinely deserving of this award. He keeps people informed of the hurricane patterns, he puts out calls for support, shares information about Stornaway and surroundings. He is a great help to everyone on Blogger just as he was on J-Land. He is a true asset to our community.

Joan Joan always has something interesting to say. She writes about her life, her days out, the local area and her hubby.

Jan I have followed Jan's journal ever since she began writing several years ago. She will not mind me telling you that I helped her out in the early days. She is witty and entertaining, you always get a worthwhile read with Jan.

Jeannette The other one! She writes beautifully of her travels around the globe always accompanied by gorgeous photographs of wildlife, people and their way of life. She certainly brightens up any day.

Julia I am reasonably new to her journal but I always enjoy it very much. As with the others, she always has something interesting to say.

Here is your award my friends

Now it is nearly time to prepare the evening meal. Do not know what my next entry will be about. I have writer's block at the moment. Any ideas?



  1. OOOH Jeannette another award, well done! You are a very good writer!! You deserve it! Hmm maybe you post one of those poems that you mention in your entry today. Would love to see them! Laine xxx

  2. Oh you are my darling girl ,Thankyou so much ,I love it ,and yes ,didnt you help me in the beggining,I was forever bunging up your email box with 'help me' 'mayday,mayday' and SOS's and you always explained things so patiently in a way I could understand ,In fact thinking about it I asked you something recently ,you were my mentor ..love Jan xx

  3. congrats Jeannette... well deserved. Your choices are great as well

  4. You "scribble" very well, Jeanette. (applause)

  5. Thank you so much what a boost to my confidence which is a bit shaky today it is most kind of you. Hope you are feeling better today more settled after you hospital visit. Love Joan

  6. Congrats.............so well deserved.

    Hugs, Rose

  7. Congratulations on getting another award my dear. It's evident that you touch so many hearts with your words.

  8. Well done Jeannette, very well deserved. I'm surpised you haven't had more published! Maybe a book of short ghost stories? Thank you for passing it on to me, it's very much appreciated. About the writers block ~ I think you do brilliantly as you're confined indoors, I'm sure you'll find more to write about soon! Jeannette xx

  9. Definately an award you deserve!

  10. Just catchin' up on journals. CONGRATS on your award, but more importantly on your checkup the other day at the doctor's office. Know you're a blessing in our lives here and you will live long and prosper:). love your "scribbling" all the time. Hugz~kbear

  11. Congratulations, dear Jeannette, you totally deserve the award. I love reading your entries! Beautifully written and never voring, especially the ghost stories!!! Do you know that you can actually print your blog enrties arranged as a booklet? Don't know exactly how, but I know it is possible. All the best. Ciao. Antonella

  12. Thank you so much for this neat award. I will post it now but hope you won't mind if I finish it on Friday since I have work tonight and cook all day tomorrow. I am honored.

  13. Congratulations on your award, well deserved,you must be thrilled.

    Take care


  14. Jeannette your award is so well deserved ~ I do follow all but one of those you have nominated so will go take a look ~ Hope you are feeling OK ~ Ally x

  15. Congrats Jeannette!
    Next - what about Jeannette's Simmerings? I'm wondering what you're having for supper!

  16. Congratulations on your latest award. Eileen x

  17. hi there. i saw you in one blog i visited and thought of inviting you to my blog. i learn from different people from different parts of the world through answers to some questions. hope you can visit and share your views and experiences.



  18. I love all your entries and you definitely deserve the award!!! Congrats Jeanette!

  19. Congrats on your award Jeannette, you wholeheartedly deserve it. :o)

    Love Sandra xxxx

  20. You truly deserve this award as I find your writing to be just wonderful and always interesting. I had to chuckle at your writers block comment. I doubt you experience writers block at all!!
    I've missed you and will be catching up on your journal entries.

  21. Congratulations Jeannette....so deserving.


    ALBERTA Lori


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