Monday, 6 October 2008

What Now?

Well, I am not sure where to go from here. I am glad you have enjoyed the stories of my Grandmother's house but they are at an end now.

I had intended to copy and paste more of my old entries over here. However, some of you have told me you remembered me writing about my Grandmother when I originally posted those stories. A couple of people have asked me to re-post some of my ghost stories. I am quite willing to do so. The problem I have is that I do not want to bore you all to tears.

So, I will leave it to you. To re-post or not to re-post, aye that is the question. Let me know in comments what you feel. I will go with the majority vote.

If you feel you would not like to have previous posts again, that is o.k. I can spend some time printing off the entries that I wish to keep just in case our old journals do not transfer or there are problems.

Also, I have added music to my blog. Why? Because I could, we did not have that option with aol. journals. However, I would like to know whether you enjoy listening to the music or whether you find it distracting. Once again, I will go with the majority vote. If most say they do not like it, I will remove it from my sidebar. It would be nice to have music at Christmas though. You might think that music is a good idea but prefer something quieter, something classical but soft. Let me know your feelings please.

Have a good week, my dear friends and readers.
P.S. Could I ask all of you who have not already done so to remove the verification code from your blog. It is easy to do, just go into settings and click "no" on verification. It is hard on the eyes having to type in a code to post a comment on your blogs. If you turn verification off people do not have to type the code. Thank you.



  1. How did you get the music and the hit counter?????? Like music but NO christmas music please. At least no Slade or Wizzard or I may have to blow your blog up!!!!

  2. I know I tended to skip over the entries that were copied over as I had seen them... not just here but in other journals as well. Might have been different had it not been so hectic moving in to our new homes. I like the music, I have it on mine too. Not on your blog list :(

  3. Hi Jeannette, I actually don't remember any of your ghost stories so would love to read more, and your series on your Grandmother's house was great, I'll be copying and pasting some of my old entries on here,as they will be going inot archive files. Love the look of your page, and music is nice it always cheers everyone up.

    Take care


  4. I enjoy all your stories and it doesn't matter old or new. You do a great job. I know you'll come up with something good to share.
    'On Ya' - ma

  5. if you want to save some of your older posts, then by all means post them! do what you want, it's your blog. :)
    music? that's up to you. i read with my speakers off usually, but then that should be ea persons option...if you like it, leave it.
    have a good week.

  6. Hi Jeannette, Definitely love your new blog! Loved you past stories so if you wish to copy them here, personally I would read them again. Also, I've read somewhere that it possible to collect eveerything on your Blogger blog and make it into a book for posterity. So it would be nice to have some of your old posts here too. Love the music. Yesterday there was Piano Man on. Where has it disappeared today? I'd like to start my own blog but I do not know where to start...Have a lovely day.
    Ciao. Antonella

  7. Good morning Jeannette,Thank you for your prayers and good wishes for me on my upcoming surgery. I remember reading some of you stories but I throughly enjoyed reading them again. I myself prefer not to have music as it is distracting but not to worry I just turn my speakers off which they stay off a lot of the time anyway. It is you blog just do whatever you feel you want to do on it. I have already removed the word vertification on my blog. Like you I would like to see it removed off of other blogs. Have a beautiful day. One is coming in here but we need rain badly.
    Hugs, Helen

  8. I love the music...if I dont like the song/or dont want to listen I just click mute on my speakers...its your blog, your freedom!!! keep it! take care

  9. Music is fine with me. I tried to leave my email address but it would not work. I, too, wish the verification thing wasn't on blogs at all. I see no purpose! I like all your stories so I say write whatever you want :).........alice

  10. (((((((((((((((JOYCE)))))))))))))))))))))))))))Hi there,I love reading your storys,old and new,would love to read all of them again.I love your music,who is that singing?HE has a nie voice.I would love to hear hristmas music,I love Christmas music.What is this vertication?I dont understand.Will have to look into itHave a nice day.

  11. Hi Jeannette! I tend to find music distracting, but I can always turn down my speakers =). So, how did you get a hit counter on your blog? I need to get one on mine. You have moved over very, very nicely, honey. Looking forward to reading more of your stories and adventrues and, of course, seeing Him Indoor's photography... You take good care, Jeannette. Much love, Val xox

  12. Please re-post. I began to follow your journal right before AOL booted us and would love to read more of your stories.
    Have a great day!

  13. Well I love the idea of your ghost stories and older entries being re-posted Jeannette. Sometimes it`s nice to be able to read again something that was really enjoyed the first time. I really enjoyed the story of a relation of your that went missing at the seaside and some of your ghost stories were spine-chilling. Keep the music too, it`s nice to be able to have something to listen too whilst reading. :o)

    Love Sandra xxxx

  14. Jeanette, see you are getting to be a little bit of a mavin here - I didn't know you could add music or how to get rid of that totally annoying verification thingy.. See you helped me, thank you. The music is fine, I'm easy I like all types and I know that you have good taste. As far as repeating stories, do what you feel is comfortable. I've found when I've reposted "stories" they have been received well even by people who have read them before. Our old stories are who we are...we have no choice but to introduce ourselves this way..just my, Sandi

  15. Ghost stories... Oh I would love to read those. :) I like the music! I'm going to ty and do it on mine.. :)

  16. I would love to read everything you've written. I didn't know of your blog on AOL so they're all new to me. I also think posting them here is a wonderful way for you to save them.

    I like the music. When I'm not in the mood for music or if it's distracting I just hit mute on my keyboard.

  17. I think you should repost for those who don't know you very long. And heck, who doesn't like a good story to read!!

  18. I never used to like the music on blogs because it just kept repeating but i like this idea of choosing what you want to listen to. I was listening to Bette Midler.
    Jenny <><

  19. Hi Jeannette, I just finished with your Grandmother's house. I remember your ghost stories but love them. They're perfect for the comming Halloween. It's like watching the classic movies over and over each year before Christmas.

    I would keep playing your music. I put music on mine also. People can turn their speakers down. I have mine on mute most times anyway because my pooch can't stand the sound of the buddy noises.

    I think we're all moving along quite well considering the shock we've been put into. Love xx

  20. I love the song you're playing "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed. With all my music, I hadn't heard that and I had to scroll and see who it was! So, I'm heading to i-tunes now to get it...thank you for giving me a new song :)

    I'd like to hear the ghost stories because I wasn't a reader back then...but I'll go along with what the majority want to read, I'm easy to please :)

    Pooh Hugs,


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