Friday, 17 October 2008

Friday + A Poem

Well, you seemed to enjoy my three-part ghost story that I concluded yesterday. However, I am not going straight on to another tale of that kind for the moment.

I do not have a great deal to write about . It is all very quiet here. We are having trouble with the new front door we had fitted earlier in the year. Whether it has "dropped" we do not know but the fact is that the key no longer works in the lock. Not a problem with the lock or the key. This happened shortly after it was fitted and they had to take the door off and re-hang it. We have been in contact with the firm and they are supposed to be calling this afternoon to fix the problem.
Also we noticed that there is a small gap at the bottom edge which is letting in cold air and letting warm air out. It is chilly today and not a good day to have the door taken off but it needs to be done. I only hope that they do turn up and that the work can be done right away.

I decided to re-post one of my poems. Some will have read it, others not but I do think a poem can stand re-reading. So, without Further ado:


She is not made for tight bouquets,
Nor bridal wreath nor floral sprays,
No crystal tube of water contains
Her dwindling days.

She does not yield the heady perfume of the rose
Which clusters round secluded bowers ,
Nor does she exude the sickly sweet attraction
Of exotic Orchid flowers.

Her head erect amid the standing corn
She holds her scarlet petals to the sky,
A flaming star -
The simple flag that waved on Flanders meadows
Staining the countryside around blood red,
As if she sucked from muddy earth beneath her
The vital fluids of the countless dead.

Crying for humanity, black-eyed in deepest sympathy,
Now laid on countless cenotaphs and tombs
In sad remembrance, every passing year,
Of those young men who marched away to battle
In happy comradeship that understood no fear.

A simple flower
That holds the veneration
Of every mourning nation.
Yet, she is more than this -
For t'was her fiery blush
Inspired the artist to take brush
And daub her crimson glory
Spread thick on canvas sheet,
Remembrance of cloudless azure skies
And Summer's sultry heat
Above the yellow corn,
Reflections of a golden age re-born.

Hung proudly now on stately gallery walls -
Both to delight and to enthral
The mind and eye of each and every
Culture hungry soul that passes by.


What other bloom is there which does and can
Bring both sadness and joy deep into
The heart of man at the same time -
She is sublime!
How drab this tired old world and poor
If silken, scarlet Poppy was no more.

Copyright 1999



  1. Hello Jeannette, that is a lovely poem I love poppies they are so colourful in the fields and on the verges in the early summer. Stuart is in the middle of a painting of some at his art class. Hope you get your door fixed, is there nowhere nowadays you get a proper job done. Love Joan

  2. What a lovely poem. Hope you get your door fixed today.......keep warm, heating is too expensive to warm the street! Eileen x

  3. Jeannette that is a lovely poem ~ I love the look of your new home ~ Ally x

  4. PS Jeannette hope your widget is working :o) Ally x

  5. Hi Jeanette. Hope you get your door fixed soon. It's cool here as well with a high of 76 for today :).........alice

  6. Hello Jeannette, what a lovely poem - Thanks for visiting me!! Laine xxx

  7. Beautifully written Jeannette, did you ever try to get it published? If not, perhaps you should try, I think it should be enjoyed by others. :o)

    Love Sandra xxxx

  8. Lovely poem, it describes the beauty of the poppy so perfectly. I like the ebb & flow of your poem a very good read..thank, Sandi

  9. I hope the door is getting fixed, it's not nice to have your warm air escaping at this time of year is it? Like Joan I love poppies, your poem was delightful! Thanks! Jeannette xx

  10. Hi Jeannette, Love your poem. It very nice and felt. Just wanted to let you know that I've followed your suggestion and I've started my own blog. I'm terrified. I do not know what to do! It took me ages to write a couple of words. How do I insert pictures, etc. Have a look pls and let me know what I'm doing wrong. All the best. Ciao. Antonella

  11. lovely poem jeannette. and particularly touching with armistice day coming up. take care mort

  12. that's a beautiful poem! thanks for re-posting it; I hadn't read it before

    take care of yourself


  13. Morning Jeannette from Alberta, Your posts are unbelievable...I purpose to learn how to do some of those things.

    Love and blessings to you and MIke

    Lori (from Alberta)

  14. I enjoyed you beautiful poem.

    Hugs, Rose

  15. What a lovely poem, I have oriental poppies in my cottage garden and just love them.


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