Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Changing Name Of Blog

As I understand that all our J-Land blogs are being copied over to Blogger on or about the 7th October I have had to re-start here on Blogger.

We are told if we opened a new Blog not to use the same name as it would create problems transferring our old blogs over.

Hence the new name.


  1. I'm trying to figure this out...

  2. Howdy!
    I found you, LOL
    I see you picked the same template & colors I did! LOL
    There's sooo much to learn, I'm going crazy!!!
    Come by my new place & leave a comment & list yourself under followers so I can keep up with you.
    Huggies, Sugar

  3. Thanks for that Jeannette. I am still very upset at the changes. Eileen x

  4. Hi Jeannette,

    I`m glad you`ve come over here to Blogspot too. I opened a new journal myself last evening and I`ll send you the link later. :o)

    Love Sandra xxxx

  5. Howdy neighbor..welcome to the new complex. We might have to throw a moving in day party.
    Take care, Chrissie

  6. Jeannette it is hard starting again ~ but don't want to lose contact with all my JLand friends ~ Ally x

  7. Awwwwww I found you!!! I love your new blog - Your so clever!! I wonder if I can make mine look so good!!! I dont know if I have the patience!!! Here is my link.

  8. Goodness sake Jeannette I can NOT believe how much you have created here...I look forward to continued reading.
    I still have trouble remembering what my user name is to leave a comment
    We are off to Calgary today to visit with the grandkids and of course see how baby Lucy is doing.

    Blessings and hugs to you

    Lori (from Alberta)


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